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How Do I Get Free Books On Amazon Prime

How Does Amazon Prime Work.

I want to watch the current season of How I Met Your Mother (It’s almost over) and I couldn’t find it on Hulu Plus…So if I purchased a subscription for Amazon Prime would I be able to see the season on 1 flat fee, or would I still have to pay for episodes?

Amazon prime is a yearly servicefor $99, formerly $79, you get free 2-day shipping at no extra cost, unless the item is by a personal seller.And you also get prime instant video. Prime instant video works like Netflix.You can watch titles That are prime Eligible at no extra cost because they are included with primebut because Amazon Instant video is also a pay-to-download service like iTunes, you can also puchase titles to watch.You have to pay for the episodes…… if they are not prime eligible titles. if they are streaming with Amazon prime, They’re free with paid prime membershipsAmazon prime also streams eBooks for kindle devices. Like Prime instant video, The they have Ebooks that stream and eBooks that do not. It all depends what’s a licensed prime title and what isn’tAmazon prime can be shared with 4 people.. However those 4 people are only entitled to the free shipping benefits. The streaming video and streaming books are only available to the person paying for amazon prime.How I Met Your Mother season 1 is streaming on Amazon prime. So therefore, with a prime membership, you will not have to pay for the episodes

Kindle fire: wtf is amazon prime.. :(.

So I have a one month free thing of amazon prime on my kindle and according to my kindle, it expires the 25th. I’m not sure what this amazon prime is or what it does. How does this affect buying books. Some show up as free with prime. Is it like borrowing a book? Will I have to pay? I’m afraid I’m just…

you missed out on streaming thousands of movies and tv shows for free, that is part of amazon prime. also, when you buy anything from amazon, you get free 2 day shipping Free zane books online

How to get Amazon Prime free trial (AGAIN).

I have already done the free month of Amazon Prime, but I am wondering if I can do it again, or if there is a different promotion… So, is there anyway I can get Prime for free again???

Yes, there is another way to get Amazon Prime for free, but you must be a college student. If you are a college student, you can create a student account that grants six months of free amazon prime, as well as a 50% reduction of its renewal, release day shipping on movies, books, and video games, and other benefits. It’s easy. All you have to do is provide your college email, log into it, and confirm it. If you’re interested, here is a link to create a student account:

How to get free shipping for students on Amazon.

Where do i need to go? Do i need to have Amazon prime?I bought a book for $7 and paid $7 more for shipping! Since im a college?student this can really help!So is it free for students or not????

Yes you need to have amazon prime, which is only free for one year for students. After that you can buy it on a yearly basis for half price ($40) as a student.Be aware that you will NOT get free shipping from the amazon marketplace, only on things FROM amazon themselves (read: mostly new books). There are occasions where a marketplace purchase is prime eligible, and you’ll be able to tell because it will say Prime right next to the listing.

how do you get free books on kindle fire.

ok, i just got a kindle fire 2day and idk how to get free books…though ik how to get free apps. duz anyone no how to get free books? i heard u have to have AMAZON PRIME… is tht TRUE? plz help…i have a road trip on friday and i need 2 no soon 🙂 thx 4 ur help…if u even bothered to try 😀

Kindle only reads the mobi files, so take any book you have and convert it to mobi. I recommend using calibre. As for downloading free books, alot of people use torrents (basically files to be downloaded to your computer through a bit torrent like utorrent) from sites like to get free books, but this is also illegal. So I don’t recommend it, of course.

How can I buy something on amazon that will ship before friday.

Also, if you get a free trial on amazon prime, can you order things during that trial? how does it work? thank you.

Just to clarify and correct what college Student said:Amazon prime is $99 per year (not $79) anymore. It includes movies and music.Free prime shipping is 2 day. You must pay extra for 1 day. Usually its only about $4 more but can run higher. The item will ship the same day (or next day if late) as ordered.And yes, you may use the free trial as much as you like for shipping and watching movies or listening to music and even grab a free kindle book if you have a kindle.

How to get the free kindle books for prime.

I have a kindle and amazon prime, and on a book I want to get it says ‘borrow for free with amazon prime’, but there is no options under the buying place for the free option, just the paid un-prime option. How do I get the book? thanks!

Are you logged in? If so , click on the book title. There should be options on the right to buy it.

How does Amazon Prime work.

I have Netflix – they send out DVDs of new releases. How do you get new releases on Amazon Prime and how much does Amazon Prime cost? Also is it user friendly?

Amazon Prime is not just movies and TV. You pay $99 a year – a one time fee. Then you get free two day shipping on everything you order from there, tons of free music, and movies, and one free book per month.The movies that are free are marked with a symbol that says “Prime”. You can browse by newly added or genre at any time. Most newly released movies won’t be free though – just like Netflix doesn’t immediately put new movies on their streaming service. You can pay to “rent” the movie though – it’s usually between $1.99 and $4.99 and you get it for 3 days.

How do i get free kindle books.

im think about getting a Kindle for my birthday and i was wondering where can i go to get kindle book downloads for free…because most of the classics on amazon are boring (that probably y there free) and i dont want to read them…I mostly like to read books from african american authors but i dont want to pay…

there are some authors who have given books to like Corey Doctorow… some authors in public domain are very good like H Beam Piper although I am not sure which are African likely can get most books by using your local library and overdrive put links to websites that often have free ebooks many of them only temporarily and watch out because some people confuse get free and can borrow with prime

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27 thoughts on “How Do I Get Free Books On Amazon Prime

  1. you can go to, or check out youtube video on how to set up free trial

  2. How Does Amazon Prime Work

  3. Yes, getting free books on Kindle Fire now is available at many sites, FreeKindleBooks,Just Free Books,etc.

  4. Otherwise, you can put on your pirate hat. But if you like an author you should show your appreciation by actually purchasing the book.

  5. You will have to register a new Amazon Account with new email address and details.

  6. Go to the kindle store page, click on your favorite genre, and then sort by “Price: Low to high”. That will show you what is available for free. You need to sift through a lot of crap to find anything good, so skip anything without a review. You should also check out, it’s a great site to find free books and to track price drops.

  7. otherwise you have to pay the cost per episode, or cost per season for a digital download.

  8. Does Amazon deliver everything I order in two days with Prime if I order a bunch of things at once?

  9. its free if the video is labeled as a “prime instant video” and you have amazon prime.

  10. Amazon just redid their terms and conditions to crack down on fake EDU email addresses for student accounts and to not implement a better policy. Anyone who signs up now recieves a free membership AND a referral credit ($10) in the hopes that more and more people will follow referral links and also provide them.

  11. Amazon Prime subscription, free trial

  12. If you order anything and have amazon prime the free trial you can order any day you want before a certain time and get it the next day. I think the trial is 30 days? you can keep the trial for 30 days and order anything in that 30 days and get free one day shipping or 2 day shipping. Don’t forget to cancel it or else you will be paying 80 dollars for the whole year then!


  14. As a prime member is all shipping free ?

  15. do you have to have internet to use amazon

  16. I followed this link:

  17. Why not go to Amazon and ask them there?

  18. Amazon Prime Free Trial Again

  19. No.

  20. (free trial doesnt offer free instant prime video, for obvious reasons)

  21. I immediately recieved my free account and about a week later recieved an email with a code for my credit.

  22. Please note: Must provide VALID edu email address

  23. It’s only use is free shipping. It’s a fee based program to increase value. Don’t waste your cash unless you buy a lot of Amazon stuff.

  24. Does the streaming depend on your internet service?

  25. Azaursans right

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