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How Much To Sell Used Books For

How much should I sell books for.

I was going to sell a lot of books at a yard sale with my friend, but I’m not sure how much to sell them for. I am selling everything from Harry Potter paperbacks to the Princess Diaries to Warriors to the Immortal Series to Judy Moody to Meg Cabot books to best-selling young adult book.They’re all lightly…

Usually at yard sales books don’t sell for much… I have gotten books for $.25 before.. HOWEVER I know you paid a lot more per book and you could always price each book $2 or best offer or something.. you cannot ask for the same price you paid, but maybe half what you paid and if you are lucky maybe you will get it? It depends how new the book is, paperback or hardcover, rarity of the book etc… If you have a ton of books to sell you could make some money!I do know when I buykij books on that are used from sellers I have gotten many books for a penny. Literally one cent. I have to pay shipping so it costs more but people usually are not willing to pay much for a used book I guess!I am sorry but the other answer is delusional. you are not going to make $5 for a paperback book and most likely not even $3. Book stores sell paperbacks for about $5.99 or even less sometimes. MAYBE a hardcover would get you $5-$7 but it has to be a real good one!

How much should I sell my used Warriors books for.

I’ve decided to sell my old warriors books on eBay. The only problem is that I don’t know how much to sell them for! I have all of the first three series in softcover and four books of the last series hardcover. I also want to sell Firestar’s Quest, softcover, SkyClan’s Destiny, hardcover, and my…

Look at what other people are selling the same books for on eBay and price yours slightly lower, if you really want to sell them.

read online Free textbooks

How much do used paperback books sell for.

Specifically romance novels. I have 68 of them. It would be nice to get anywhere from 75 cents to 2 dollars for each one.

You never know with used books. Look up the titles on Amazon: you can see there what used copies are going for. Many books go for as little as 1 cent plus postage, but you may find you have some rare titles. If you are patient, you could try selling your books on Amazon through your own account. Or you could have a garage sale and include the books at, say, $1 each – that would be cheaper for the buyers than getting them online, though obviously a much more limited choice. You could join a paperback swap service and get new (that is, new to you) books in exchange for the old – that’s good value. I would say it is unlikely you would get much from a bookstore, if they even accept the books.

How much should i sell my used Jacquieline wilson books for.

i have about 20 Jacqueline wilson books, they are second hand, im probably going to sell them on ebay to try and make some money, how much would you pay for each book, what price should i sell them forplease no silly awnsers like 1pIm english so use ¬£’s and P’sThanks x

I’m afraid you are probably talking 1p. They are popular mass market paperbacks and almost certainly not worth your while to list – the postage will cost more than they are worth.

how much is the average when selling to a used book.

have a couple new books i want to get rid of.the magician by lev grossmanfor examplehow much do used bookstores give you for good conditioned new hardbacks?

From the used book stores I’ve been to, they usually give you credit toward other books as opposed to money for them. You might want to call around (in your area) and ask which ones buy hardback books. I would think you should get around half of the original price.

How much would you try to sell these books for.

I have some genealogy books written by David B. Trimble. I was thinking of trying to sell them for $40 each, but I see them listed on for $125 and $140.The author died last year. (he is who I got them from) As far as I know, I have the only uncirculated copies. … $40 is what he would have sold…

Well…. My mamaw gave me my favorite book for Jamie, copyright 1980 (Old Farm, New Farm) and I was looking for a replacement (I don’t want it to get torn up on accident) and they were about $100 too!If I needed the money, I would try maybe $75 (for your books, no way I’m selling Old Farm, New Farm!!)?ADD: Yeah I was so disappointed I almost cried! (Maybe that was the hormones…)

How much to sell a used textbook for.

I am currently trying to sell a used college textbook that I bought for $45. The first two chapters have highlighting in them but other than that, there are very few markings throughout the entire book and it looks new. How much should I sell it for?

Its worth nothing if no longer in use.Try to sell it on school grounds for $25.

How much to sell some used video games for.

These are the games I have:Mario Kart DS – Nintendo DSThe Urbz: Sims in the City – Nintendo DSNintendogs – Nintendo DSBeautiful Katamari – Xbox 360Viva Pinata – Xbox 360Return to Castle Wolfenstein – XboxGame and Watch Gallery 4 – Gameboy AdvanceSuper Mario Advance – Gameboy AdvanceThey are…

I wouldn’t sell anything to Game Stop or any store like that… unless you are lazy and just want it done quickly. You will get little from them.I would sell them in bundles on Ebay or individually on is much better than Ebay when selling games. If you have the patience, you can get back some of the money that you paid for the games.Most of the games listed are fairly current and probably desired.

How to sell used books.

My mother has 100+ old cookbooks she would like to sell. She is talking about ebay but I feel taking them to a local used bookstore and selling them all at once may be an easier route. Any suggestions? Also anyone know a source where I could find out the value for a book? Thanks very much for any help

Selling old books is not going to net you a lot of money.Old cookbooks are very specific. Ebay “may” be an outlet, but if you are looking at 100+ books, it is going to take you a ton of time and resources. Plus you will probably end up selling them for a few dollars anyway.Things you have to ask though are:- How old is old?If this is nothing by any famous / celebrity chef, then it is not necessarily a collector item and will be hard to sell- What is the condition of the book?Obviously books with yellow pages (not THE Yellow Pages) and poor cocnditions will not be bought by even used book stores- What is it that you really want out of getting rid of the books?If you are looking at MAKING money, then I have to tell you right now to forget about it. Used books do not make money, unless they are a collector item of some sort (signed copies / limited editions).Check with used book stores and see what their policies are for accepting used books and what they will give you for them. When I sold a couple of used hardcover novels (new condition – you can still hear the crack of the spine when you open it), I got a “store credit” of $5 for it. It was originally $30. If I wanted cash, he was only going to give me about $3. But that’s the store I went to…not every store is like that, you MAY get lucky.Good Luck with it.

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  51. Sell them to a local used bookstore, it’s easier and you don’t have all the trouble and expense of shipping them.

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