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How Many Books Has Lemony Snicket Written

A story about Orphans.

I want to write a story about 2 siblings whos father dies and they become orphans that go to live with there greedy mean aunt and uncle who they have never met… I want it to be a book kind of like some of Roald Dahls books, dramatic sad and scary but childish and stuff like that.I am so excited to write it but…

Yeah it will. Just look at how many people are copying twilight:]As long as it isn’t the exact same, and it is a really good and enjoyable book, then people won’t care as long as they get to read it.

What are the rules of first and third person.

I’ve read books like Gossip Girl and Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, where it sounds like third person but they add in little extra comments where it seems like they’re talking to us(the reader) or themselves.Now when I write like that, I get a bunch of people telling me that doing…

There are no rules as such in fiction, but readers have expectations of how things should be done. If you ignore those expectations or go against them, readers may dislike your story, so you need to make sure you’re doing it for a good reason.What you’re talking about used to be much more common. Many 19th century authors wrote like this. Fiction was supposed to be morally instructive, and it was accepted – perhaps even expected – that the author would point out when a character was doing something wrong or stupid. It may also have helped the illusion that the events of the story had really happened. Sometimes the narrator is a character in the book, even though he’s not the protagonist – he’s a friend of the protagonist, or a friend of a friend.Nowadays, readers don’t care to be told what to think about characters – at least not so bluntly. We’d rather make up our own minds. We also don’t feel the need to pretend that the characters and events of the story are real. We accept it’s all made up, just tell us an entertaining story.

I survived books free

Can someone recommend me some really good books to read.

And i mean good books like classics etc….ive read a few but i want to try and read as many as possible. thank you

I love classics, too, so I’ll just suggest my absolute favoritesWuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) – Dramatic, Gothic style. Romantic, but not a romance. Dark, but inspiring. I have so many pages dog-eared, paragraphs circled, and quotes underlined in that book, I’m surprised the cover is still on it!Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) – Absolutely STUNNING and worth the time it may take to finish! Intricate plot with a lot of different character types. The unabridged version is VERY long, but has a lot more detail and background informationThe Thirteenth Tale (Diane Setterfield) – Suspenseful, with a GREAT ENDING. I’ve read this book several times, and it never fails to absolutely get all of my attention. It’s not a classic, but I think it will be.The Pact (Jodi Picoult) – Alos, not yet a classic, but it has great great characters, and it’s very believable. It’s especially good if you or someone you know has suffered depression or ever been suicidal. It’s very, very touching.For One More Day (Mitch Albom) – Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this book. Just wow. I went to Wal-Mart one day to see someone on their break, and on my way out, I pick up the book to look at. I was still in the store “looking at” (more like reading) it when they went to lunch two hours later! It’s absolutely beautiful, and also has a fantastic ending.The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters (Elisabeth Robinson) – I found this book on sale for $3 – I only bought it because the main character’s name is Olivia. It is an incredibly touching story of family love, but it’s also hilarious! The main conflict deals with optimism and pessimism, optimism being stupidity, but pessimism being misery, and staying hopeful even when you don’t have a reason to.The Code of the Woosters (P.G. Wodehouse) – This book is why butlers are now called Jeeves(es). It is the source of an ancient English slang. Isn’t that enough? If not, it is also QUITE funny!Mary Poppins (P.L. Travers) – A fantastic children’s book. You’ll find that, though the movie is wonderful, and does a good job capturing the characters, there are all sorts of things that you didn’t know about Mary Poppins! Adorable and thought-provokingAlice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll) – What else could BE more classic? How many books, movies, and songs have been written based on these two children’s stories? Don’t even think about going to see the new Alice In Wonderland before reading at least one of them! They are kind of random, but completely charming!Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery) – A story about a young over-imaginative girl growing up and maturing. Sounds boring – but have you ever met a child with an overactive imagination? They are the most delightful and amusing things on earth! It’s a GREAT book.The Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket) – A lot of the books I’ve listed, I’ve credited with being funny. They don’t hold a candle to the clever writing style of these books. It’s a long, miserable story, told with short, riotous descriptions. It’s long, but completely worth it!Well, I’m sorry that was so long. I hope you read and enjoy at least a few of these! Let me know if you need more ideas or information, let me know. 🙂

I need to write a book report .

I just need websites that are good for this situation(already tried sparknotes)

Well if you’re a cheater, the easiest way to get around reading an actual book, is to make one up yourself! All you got to do is make up a fake website for the book, the author, the publisher, and just to be safe, maybe go ahead and actually write the book. It’s gotten so hard to cheat these days!If you’re a good person and want to do it originally, you just have to make a summary, the characters, your feelings for the book, a connection, how many pages, the reccomendation, and some new words you learned in the book. Here are some titles I suggest:Grade Title Author5th Series of unfortunate events Lemony Snicket6th Among the hidden Not Sure7th A harry potter book J.K Rowling8th A Star wars Book Not SureFreshman to kill a mockingbird Not SureI’m only a elementry kid so I don’t know much for the other guys.

How i can achieve the writing style i want….

I am 17, and I have decided to start writing a book. However, I would prefer for my work to not sound like it was written by a teenager. So what would be the best way to set my tone and writing style? I have a pretty decent vocabulary, and I make great use of a Thesaurus (and when i do i look up the definition to…

There is almost no answer to your question, because we write from within, and since you’ve not yet been 20-Something or 40-Something, how can you possibly write from that perspective? Very rarely does anyone write convincingly from a perspective not their own. I can think of one author who mastered that skill, Reynolds Price; in his novel Roxanna Slade, he wrote from a woman’s point of view, and it sounded as if a woman had actually written it.Your best writing will come from your own perspective. That said, though, you could try writing a novel in which you were a teen dreaming of your future.

In your opinion, what makes up a good book.

Like, story wise.How it’s written.The characters.And what’s your favorite book and why? (Something you’d recommend, because I’m really dieing to read something good.)

A book that has great characters! Even if the story is interesting but the characters (especially if it’s the main character) gets on my nerves, I can’t help but complain all the time, and sometimes even drop it.The book has to be able to let me feel the character’s emotions, and keep me glued to it.The plot has to be interesting.Also, I love it when it feels like the author is directly talking to you, or directly telling you the story. For example, Lemony Snicket, I loved his narration!I haven’t been able to read many books lately so I can’t think of any to recommend. But Number the Stars and The Giver by Lois Lowery are great.

Just for fun lets talk about A series of unfortunate events.

Hey guys I just thought that this book is great and just wanted to open something to talk about it. :)What do you guys like about it?Who is your favorite person in the book?Does Lemony Snicket make other books?What is your favorite part in the books?Lets…

Obviously from my username, I love the books.What I love most about them is the voice and style Lemony Snicket writes in. I most admire the way way he simplifies things without dumbing them down. I also love the structure, the explanations of words and phrases, the hidden references to other literature, and the sense of humor — I think it’s just exactly in line with my sense of humor.I also love the world of the books, where, for example, adults don’t recognize Count Olaf in his disguises.And of course, all the characters are great. As are the hidden references to other literature, many of which I didn’t get until I consulted WIkipedia.My favorite character in the book is Lemony himself.I’m not sure I have a favorite part in the books themselves. I have some favorite lines and passages, but they tend to be bits of Lemony’s narration. The opening paragraph of Book 13 is one of my favorites (he compares reading/researching the Baudelaire story to peeling an onion).Lemony Snicket’s real name is Daniel Handler. He’s written at least 3 books under that name, but they’re not suitable for kids (not sure how old you are). I loved WATCH YOUR MOUTH and THE BASIC 8. I didn’t love ADVERBS.There are also other books he has written as Lemony Snicket: LEMONY SNICKET: THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY, THE BEATRICE LETTERS, and HORSERADISH: BITTER TRUTHS YOU CAN’T AVOID are all related to the series. The the first one is great, the second one is okay, and the last one can be skipped over, in my opinion.

how long do you think it will take to read a 300 page book.

i need to have The End by Lemony Snicket read by tuesday so i can take the reading counts test for it at school…..i have like 4 days and i was wondering about how many hours it would take.

I doubt it would take you more than a few hours. Lemony Snicket’s writing style is not particularly complex, so you don’t really need to analyze anything while you’re reading it. Comprehension levels are pretty low, while the storyline generally moves along at a decent pace so unless you have an INCREDIBLY SHORT attention span, you shouldn’t get bored.Just to be safe, I’d read the book on Sunday in case you get bogged down with too much work on Monday to give you enough time to finish. Enjoy!

what are we going to do when lemony snickets books are all fineshed.

i mean,will we just stop?will he write more books? what’s next?

I just don’t see how everything will be resolved in the 13th book. Sure is appropriate to end on that number, isn’t it? There are so many characters that could possibly stand on their own. But it’s probably the style that we’ll miss most. Not sure if Lemony can continue – it’s been a tough haul for him, surely, with all the despair he has faced.

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53 thoughts on “How Many Books Has Lemony Snicket Written

  1. Jungle Book

  2. Franny and Zooey, J.D Salinger

  3. Harry Potter….im 22 and ive read the like 7 times….never gets old the characters are so relatable.

  4. In the movie, I liked the old Chrysler Imperial limousine.Count of Monte Cristo

  5. One that keeps my attention, produces vivid mental imagery, invokes most of the emotions, seems realistic in its character portrayals, even if the story is fantastic, and makes me sad that it ends.

  6. Thirteen Reasons WhyTry slaughterhouse 5 to start.

  7. Well, I’ve read about half the series so far and it is very good, well written and engaging!Empress of the WorldCelebrate.

  8. Probably 3-6 hours depending on how fast of a reader you are. If you’re interested in it you’ll be able to get through it really easily. I read a 600 page book in a couple days, so you’d probably be able to finish it.

  9. Some Favourites:a book report is pretty general, it could be on a specific topic or theme in the book…or the books effect on society in its time period and context, or the authors motives and mood and tone….

  10. I would recomend Robert Heinliens “stranger in a strange land”People read at very different speeds. Why don’t you set a stopwatch (your mobile probably has a stopwatch function) and time yourself reading 5 pages? Then multiply by 60.

  11. The Kite Runner

  12. TricksThese aren’t really “classics,” but they are still very good books 🙂 ;

  13. A Corner of the UniverseThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

  14. Swiss Family RobinsonHuckleberry Finn

  15. An entertaining, yet sad, series… however, kids need to learn that life isn’t always happy or fun. And your family relationships are what really count, in the end.

  16. Stop puking!!

  17. Jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon!

  18. I liked the movie, too…perhaps there’ll be another.

  19. And this is an obvios one…lolA Thousand Splendid SunsLunathe Giver Lois Lowery…Treasure Island

  20. Name; Ginger Age; 17. Colour; Black Type of food; Oreos 🙂 Music; Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Nirvana, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Mindless Self Indulgence, MGMT, The Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Gorillaz, White Stripes, The Cure, Birthay Massacre, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, &others Favorite actors; Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page (I like her :X), River Phoenix, Heather Ledger, Favorite movies; any 80s movies by John Hughes like 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off, etc. ; Stand By Me; Juno; Inception; Donnie Darko; Where the Wild Things Are; Edward Scissorhands; Nightmare Before Christmas; original Alice in Wonderland; Books; A Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, Catch-22, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Brave New World, Harry Potter series, Uglies series Websites; formspring Hobbies; Ballet, Rock Climbing, art, writing

  21. Spanking Shakespeare

  22. the series will end soon,but that doesn’t mean that he will stop writing. If he stops writing he might tell every one who he is.

  23. Im reading Townhouse right now..cant remember who its by but its about a man with agoraphobia.A case of need, Michael Crichton

  24. what are you writing it on and what book, get back to me

  25. I guess We can find other books like it. I haven’t heard anything about any more coming out.

  26. The Lovely Bonesi dont know i just dont know

  27. Probably buy a dictionary and learn to spell!

  28. the narrotor knows all

  29. Kidnapped

  30. i’ve got heard some writers change to one/3-omniscient whilst masking something enormous like a substantial conflict, yet I do think of that many first person fantasy novels do not finally end up that properly with the aid of fact the narrators are sickeningly whiny or under no circumstances attainable. *stamp foot* “yet father, whyyyyy? I dooon’t opt to marrry hiiiimmmm!” I screamed. Father become being stupid. i did not choose this! i opt to marry the guy *I* like!I i understand i might have been a splash whiny and annoying, yet nevertheless, it basically WASN’T truthful!! -> examine a number of those these days, made me somewhat green. And this is extraordinarily stressful whilst they insert something particularly for sure exhibiting that she will make the transition from whiny princess to modest, noble princess – there is issues like “i understand i might have been a splash whiny and annoying… etc.” oh, top, not extraordinarily powerful. I agree that perhaps “It become the worst nighttime of his existence” “He could not have probably prevalent what become coming for him” “Unbeknownst to the cheery boy, a determine in all black become staring at him from the shadows”, etc. could be cool storytelling, even even though it makes you think of, “Wait – wasn’t this 0.33 constrained from that guy’s viewpoint?” yet i’m possibly scrambling my POVs for all time, so do not hear to me. ;P Ehhh you are going to rewrite 500 pages? :{ good success with that! 😛 i might inspect your prologue in case you have time.

  31. if its good, you can do it in a long night, if its bad, a month isn’t enough.ElsewhereIt would take me maybe 7 hours.

  32. I started 2 read it, i am not a dissing it, but it just didn’t suck me in 2 it =( but I do love the book “A Voyage on the Titanic, diary of Margret Ann Brady”

  33. I also recommend Mark Twain’s “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.” Twain considered Joan of Arc to be kind of a personal “hero” (as do I), and he spent years researching her life story for it.

  34. I think I missed the books completely and the movie was terrible.

  35. Between Mom and JoReading the right books, in the genre you want to achieve.

  36. BurnedIdentical

  37. For an anthropological treat, try Carlos Casteneda’s series regarding the wise Brujo Don Juan,I have not read the book but I have seen the movie. I thought the movie was great.

  38. It’s wonderful! Also, it’s publication as a novel is fairly recent. First publication in its own time was serialized in subsequent editions of a magazine. Truly awesome stuff.

  39. Or start with Tony Hillermans earlier novels of the Navajo tribal police dramas, and work your way towards the newer ones. Very entertaining.

  40. It is slightly dated now, but the story is very good and entertaining.

  41. It depends. It would take me about an hour-2hours. I’m really good reader

  42. The Catcher in the Rye

  43. My favourite character is Klaus…Impulseif you read 100 pages an hour, about 3 hrs at most..if you keep getting distracted…can be longer…but in 4 days..i think you can finish it

  44. Crank/Glasspersuasion by jane austen

  45. Books where the author does a very detailed development of the characters.relies upon on the reader & the e book. working example, i will study Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (310 pages) in an afternoon (approximately 8 hours). in spite of if, if the e book became quite uninteresting (or quite problematical, like Jane Eyre-that took me weeks, & that’s only 500 pages), it might take me a lot longer to study.

  46. Keeping You a SecretSince you specify classics, I heavily recommend “Candide” by Voltaire. You may not expect one this old to be so much fun to read, but this is ultimate historical satire from mid-18th century. Being in the public domain, it’s available to read online (and there’s many more here too)…

  47. Anything by Charles Dickens. Tale of Two Cities is a personal favorite.

  48. Dear Zoe,I prefer books written in omniscient style or narrative style, so you know everything about the characters and how they are feeling at every point in the story.

  49. To Kill A Mockingbirdabout one hour , Trust in Mr Cliff he always has the most accurate notes.

  50. omniscent third person

  51. Also many of Kurt Vionnegut Jr.s fantastic works. Fun, exciting, and thought provoking.I finished reading a 600 page book in the last three days because it was awesome, and I was well rested.

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