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How To Sell Second Hand Books To Amazon

Second-hand Books, low shipping rate.

where can I find secondhand books?like…I was doing haflpricebooks, but…well…I couldn’t find some books I reallyy wanted.and I have tried barnes and noble online but the shipping $4 per book, that’s crazy considering how many I’m looking for.

There are a lot of different websites that sell used books. Amazon has them, as does Try, which will show you lots of different copies on different sites to find the cheapest one. However, the reality is that all of these sites are giving you access to second-party sellers, so you will have to pay shipping to each seller. One thing to think about is whether it makes more sense to pay more for the new books on Amazon in order to get free shipping on orders above $25–might be cheaper in the long run.Cheaper still would be these options: go to a good-sized used bookstore near you and find as many books there as you can. Library book sales are another great place to find used book; a lot of times they have many books that were donated, not just former library books, and they often have a special deal on the last day or last few hours, where you can pay a couple dollars for as many books as you can fit into a bag.Or you could join one of the on-line book swap sites, such as Paperback Book Swap or The idea behind these sites is that you post books you want to give away, pay to send them (media mail, the cheapest rate), and gain points that you use to ask for books from other members. Basically, the book is free, you only pay for the shipping. You won’t find every book you want, but you’ll find many–but this only works if you have books you are willing to part with.

How to sell on e-bay.

Could someone pleaseee help me!! I am trying to sell used university textbooks on e-bay but it’s really confusing me. For instance I need to know how much I will be charged to sell the book, how much it will cost to ship (do I pay for this first then receive postage payment by the buyer later) and do e-bay take…

I wouldn’t recommend eBay, people buying textbooks are far more likely to go to Amazon, where they then buy yours second hand. Bingo!Or, contact your old university, and ask the department to send an email out to new students asking if they need books. May seem a bit weird, but my uni does it.If you do wanna do eBay, check with local post office how much will cost to ship around the country (go for the biggest amount, you don’t want to pay for postage). Then this is included as an extra price when you post on eBay, which the buyers can see.You do have to pay ebay, both to post (not sure amount) and if you sell (I think up to 9%?) Its not recommended.If you’re in America, try, post on there (free) and then share it on facebook. Tell your friends to tell their friends on the course you did to recommend it. Also, Swaptrain will post on the main classified sites (Craigslist etc) for you. I think they charge for this, but its less than eBay will. Hope this sells, good luck!

Read urban fiction books online for free

How should I sell old books.

I’ve just started volunteering for a recycling project who accept people’s old stuff and then sell it on, and I’m running the online sales project. The guy who ran it before has a big pile of old books that he thinks could have value but aren’t on Amazon or something.The problem is I have no idea…

OK. I learned how to do this when trying to find the value of some of my old text books. Go to Google and type in the ISBN number/code. If you don’t know what that is, look for the bar code on the jacket of the book. Right above the little bars, there should be “ISBN” and a series of numbers. If the jacket is missing, or the ISBN is ilegible, look inside the book on the page that gives you the publisher information. It should be there.Type this number directly into the Google (or Yahoo, etc.) search engine and it will pop up a list of sellers who have this book and their price range. Some books that are really old came out before the ISBN system was created. For thes books, about the only way you’ll find out anything is to type the name of the book and the author into the search engine and a list should pop up as to who would be selling the book. Then you’ll have to look around the site to find out how to sell the books to that store.Each store will have its own way of determining how you sell the book, but most seem to simply have you box the books and send them through the mail and you will receive a check that covers the sale of the book and the cost of shipping. Others take the book on consignment, and you don’t actually get the money until the book sells.The next best thing to do is to find a site that caters to rare or out of print books. These types of sellers will offer you a decent price for old books that they have a demand for.Other than that, your only other option would be to take them to your local used book store and see if you can sell them there. But if you have hardbacks, call in advance and make sure they buy hardbacks because some used bookstores don’t. Second hand or thrift stores may also buy some of the books. You won’t get much for them, but they would be out of your hair.Have you thought of having a huge benefit yard/garage sale? You could gather up unwanted items throughout the community and sell them…and I’m sure you’d get a lot of books this way too. This would be a great way of offering the books to readers who might enjoy them in your area without having to deal with figuring out values. I realize that your part is online, so you could set up a “community benefit yard sale/auction” online where people can buy or bid on items…sort of like e-bay.In the end, whatever can’t be sold online, to used bookstores locally, or to thrift stores can be donated to charity (ie. Salvation Army or Goodwill) if they are in good condition.Hope this helps a bit!

how to self publish a book.

Two basic options:Do It Yourself Self Publishing: This is what I think self publishing really is. You must do everything the publisher would have done (because you are the publisher) which means doing your own layout, editing, getting your work printed, marketing and distribution. Failure to do anyone of these well will mean your book will not sell. You really need to be able to do all these. Give serious thought about how you will market to your audience. Some printers will have their own store front or carry a book on Amazon. Make sure the printing prices and mark up prices are such that your book will sell at a competitive price. That’s a big problem with many of the printers offering this service.Vanity/Subsidy Self Publishing: Purchase a publishing package through one of the many “self publishing” companies. I put self publishing in quotes because you are really hiring out all the work and not doing it yourself. The problem you can run into here is that these companies make their money from you as the customer, not by marketing and selling your book. I’ve read story after story about people who never even recoup the fee they paid these people and end up sitting on unsold inventory. You still need to market your book yourself with this option.Publishing a book is a business just like producing any other product. You should have a solid business plan before your start. You need to be able to produce a quality product, know how to market it and get it into the hands of your customer at a competitive price. Your competition consists mostly of traditional publishing companies who specializing in getting books into the market place. You need to seriously assess how you can compete with them.

I need to sell my college books back; where do I start.

How and where do I sell them?

Either Ebay or Amazon have outlets for selling books. Make sure you weigh them first so that you can calculate and charge the correct postage. Alternatively, does your college have a second hand book store?

Does Anyone know how works cuz i need to get two books for this school year but i dont know how it.

works………..i mean how do i pay for them???plz help this is a asap

You need to sign up on the website and register a credit card so that you can be billed. Then you just find the product you want and go to the checkout. It is very easy. Trust me. Plus, if you are looking for textbooks they almost always have a hand full of sellers that have used for a great price right on the same page. I buy all of my books for school on Amazon and usually save about $300-$400 per semester,. No Joke. Plus you can usually sell them back to the school. I sometimes MAKE money on books. It feels soooo good when that happens. Just go on there and try it out. The other good thing is that the shipping on books, even for the used guys is a flat rate. you can’t go wrong. Just order on time for the books to get to you. Good luck!

selling books on

so i literally have about 300 hundred books in my house that i am interested in selling. i know a ton of people who sell books on amazon. I have never tried to sell anything online before. Is the money worth the time? what all do i do?

It can be. Some books are so common you’ll end up selling them for 1c. You can still make a little money off of those though because amaozon charges a fixed rate for postage. If you send your book by media post you can sometimes make a dollar or so from even those.That fixed rate postage is the reason anyone can sell books at 1c and still not be out of pocket.Before you sign up for anything take a look at the titles you’ve got and check how much they’re going for on Amazon. Most second-hand books aren’t worth much, but now and then you may find one that isn’t listed, or only by a few sellers, and those are worth a little more.

How much would I get from my harry potter books 1-7 if I were to sell them.

I have to now sell my harry potter books. I dont read them any more.

Close to nothing. They sell in charity shops for about 50p – £1 each. They’re among the bestselling books in the world, so there’s no shortage of copies out there. People can buy them brand new on Amazon for about £5 each or less, so you’re not going to get much for second hand copies (unless they’re first editions).

How much money do you think I’ll make if I sell my books and CDs to a second hand store like Half Price Books.

I am really broke right now so that means every penny counts and I have to be really conservative with the little bit of money I’ve got left before finding a new job. Last night I was thinking that since I’ve got so many brand new books I purchased a few months ago….some I’ve read…..some I…

You wont make much money with Half Price. You’re better off with ebay or amazon. Check the prices for your books and stuff, then pick the one you’ll get more money. It’s pretty simple. Plus with ebay, if you don’t have pics, you can always look for one and use it as a stock photo.

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33 thoughts on “How To Sell Second Hand Books To Amazon

  1. That would all depend on what sort of condition they are depends on how good or bad you have maintained the books..

  2. Amazon.

  3. The only thing that is good without qualification is the good will, Kant says.

  4. Unless you want to pay for a whole marketing deal and lay out a large lump of cash I would look at the print on demand market – places such as blurb or lulu. They do not charge you for printing your book they print exactly the amount that are orderd and take a percentage off each one. If you are doing it to make money though it is going to be tough, you will need to work your *** off to market it. Good luck though.

  5. Depends on the books, most books probably won’t be worth the time. However, any school textbooks are worth it.

  6. Very little, unless you have a particularly unusual edition (a first edition of the UK version of one of the first two books is worth a fair amount) or something like a signed copy. There are millions of them out there.

  7. Why are you asking us? How are we going to know how much you’d get for them at Half Price, especially if we don’t know what you have? Go to Half Price and ask them.

  8. Why would you EVER sell your Harry Potter books?

  9. Not alot, but they ARE used.

  10. I know, I just spent a hundred or two on all of Dr. Seuss’s major works.

  11. Hope this helps 🙂

  12. Probably not a lot, they aren’t very rare books..

  13. Unless you have something unique like first editions, hard cover or signed then probably not a lot as it is a popular series…

  14. amazon is good, but try – they have both new and used books and they usually have better prices.To answer your question, you pay using a credit or debit card. It’s easy to sign up – the site walks you through the entire process.

  15. Libby,Start by checking your spelling and grammar.

  16. If they’re just the generic common ones, then you could likely get between $30 and $80 depending on their condition.

  17. it depends on the editions you have. Some of the editions with the special covers are worth a lot more than others.And if money’s so tight right now, I can think of a few things that you’d be better of doing than pawning some books. Cut out unnecessary expenses, like the Internet. Stop buying things you don’t need, like “brand new books”. Or, if you really want to pawn something, sell your computer. You’ll get a much higher price for that than you will for some secondhand paperbacks.

  18. One thought, though; you should check if there are any rare or specially valuable editions in that pile. Just one rare book could bring many thousands of dollars to your project.

  19. I’d suggest using or 🙂 Before you price your books, look at what other users are offering them for, and make the best deal you can manage without losing money or overcharging.

  20. PJ M

  21. does offer some combining if you’re buying from the same person. There are lots of options. One thing I can say about Amazon, though, is your purchase is pretty safe – you have some recourse if something is wrong with your order.

  22. How much you can sell them for depends on a few things: how recently the book/CD was published/released, how popular or “in demand” it is, how many other people are trying to sell their copies, and what the average selling prices are.

  23. List what you have and take them to a second hand bookstore. You can also sell them at a community yard sale. Believe me, they’re not worth pulling your hair out over.

  24. I sell on a couple of different sites. Amazon is good because there are so many choices, but if you buy the books used from a vendor, you’ll be paying shipping for EACH book, even if you’re using the same vendor. It’s just the way Amazon works.P.S. The links look the same, but they are a bit different!

  25. The will, Kant says, is the faculty of acting according to a conception of law. When we act, whether or not we achieve what we intend with our actions is often beyond our control, so the morality of our actions does not depend upon their outcome. What we can control, however, is the will behind the action. That is, we can will to act according to one law rather than another. The morality of an action, therefore, must be assessed in terms of the motivation behind it. If two people, Smith and Jones, perform the same act, from the same conception of the law, but events beyond Smith’s control prevent her from achieving her goal, Smith is not less praiseworthy for not succeeding. We must consider them on equal moral ground in terms of the will behind their actions.

  26. Maybe around $8-10 for the first few in paper back, then the later ones I would sell a bit more, around $10-13.

  27. I don’t know how you are going to price them but you could try to sell them through you might be able to find similar on Alibris and price accordingly.

  28. actually support more payment methods than charge or debit cards. The link will get you there. The second link is help for new customers.

  29. Its easy to publish your book on-line. A complete moron could publish a book about french fries, and turnips if he wanted to. You can find self-publishing websites, such as after searching google. If you publish on-line you are also going to need a scheme to get your book on the market so people are interested and are drawn to it. That can’t happen unless you advertise, or you place your book in some store where they will buy it. It is much easier to get an agent and a publisher, but it doesn’t guarantee book sales, and it costs much more.

  30. The only book worth anything is the one that has been signed by the author. There are hundreds of books exactly like the ones you have. While refurbishing an old house, I found books that were published in the 1800’s and thought they were worth something. Well, as it turns out they weren’t. It’s a big world.

  31. I have bought used books from so I assume they buy them from others.

  32. Alternatively there are second-hand bookshops in most communities. There is quite a lot of dealing between them all around the world so if you go to one near you, you should be able to sell them, even if your dealer sells some of them on to other dealers.

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