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How Many Books Are In The Mysterious Benedict Society Series

What is a really good book to read.

I’ve been hunting a good novel that not many people know of where I live. A book such as the Mysterious Benedict Society. So please no well known books such as Twilight or any others about vampires or books writen by Stephenie Meyer. I have nothing against these books I’m just sick of no matter where I look...

The Town That Forgot How to Breathe.By Kenneth J Harvey.I just finished it, and I would reccomend it to anyone, it is so amazing and has a really good plot.Here’s a summary from amazon.”Bareneed, once a lively and warm place, now stank of drabness and heartbreak.” It’s not much of a magnet for tourists, but it has attracted two visitors for the summer: a fisheries officer and his young daughter. Deeply pained by the recent break-up of his marriage, Joseph fails to notice the more curious aspects of the town. It takes him a while to hear about the townsfolk who’ve been dropping dead for no apparent reason. He’s also slow to realize that his daughter Robin’s new playmate is the ghost of a drowned girl. When he and Robin find an “exceptionally ugly” sculpin at the end of their fishing line, Joseph again tries to stay calm. But then he takes a closer look at his catch. “Feeling his fingers turn warm while he tried to disengage the hook,” Harvey writes, “Joseph whisked them away. Flesh-coloured fluid seeped from the sculpin’s wide mouth. A solid object began edging out as he wiped his fingers on his pants–a flesh-coloured sculpted orb, topped with something that resembled hair, matted in mucousy clumps.” The porcelain doll’s head that emerges from the fish is one in a series of unsettling sights in Harvey’s book. As more and more objects are expelled from the sea, Bareneed’s most painful secrets come to the surface.”


i need to choose summer reading by tomorrow im in 7th grade and im not the best and fastest reader. Do u book worms know any good easy fast books to read?? Could u plz tell me how many pages the books are and a summery on them thank u so much have a good rest of the wkend!

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – fast paced, can’t put it down – 384 pages – survival, killing, romance, really goodSorcery and Cecelia, or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer 326 pages – told through letter writing between two friends – magic, mystery and a little romance, very cuteThe Mysterious Benedict Society, Trenton Lee Stewart – 512 pages – very well done – After Reynie Muldoon responds to an advertisement recruiting “gifted children looking for special opportunities,” he finds himself in a world of mystery and adventure. The 11-year-old orphan is one of four children to complete a series of challenging and creative tasks, and he, Kate, Constance, and Sticky become the Mysterious Benedict Society. After being trained by Mr. Benedict and his assistants, the four travel to an isolated school where children are being trained by a criminal mastermind to participate in his schemes to take over the world. The young investigators need to use their special talents and abilities in order to discover Mr. Curtain’s secrets, and their only chance to defeat him is through working together. Readers will challenge their own abilities as they work with the Society members to solve clues and put together the pieces of Mr. Curtain’s plan. Gay romance books free

What are some good books/mangas/shows for me.

I like books about young geniuses solving cases/going on missions/acting a bit high and mighty. Kind of like the Artemis Fowls series (I’ve read two of the books from that series, but it got dull, and I became bored of it) I also LOVE the Harry Potter series! I really liked…”The Girl Who Owned A…

I unfotunately don’t read too many books except classics like Wuthering Heights and autobiographies, but one series I think you may enjoy is the “A Great and Terrible Beauty” series. It reminds me a little of the Harry Potter series. It’s about a girl in the early 19th century who finds she has the ability to enter realms. There’s a lot of mystery to it. Maybe you can try the Da Vinci Code series? I heard it’s pretty good.As for manga, have you read Death Note? If you don’t feel like reading it all, the live action movies are good to watch. You can never go wrong with reading Chrono Crusade and Fullmetal Alchemist as well as Elemental Gelade and Tactics. They are sort of Naruto-ish, but don’t drag on forever. Raiders is epic, but gorey, and Spiral is good too. I can’t help but add Detective Conan because he is the youngest genius detective I know.But what I recommend highest of all is a Korean drama series called City Hunter. It’s based off the manga series and it’s the most epic thing I’ve seen in a looong time. Right from the first episode I was completely hooked along with my friends. I think it has everything you’re looking for. Check out a fanmade trailer:…You can watch it at,, or MySoju.comJapanese dramas have a lot of detective series. Liar Game is a manga but I watched the drama and it was awesome! Kurasagi is great too! Oh, and good places to watch shows is of course and I also got to, hope these suggestions help:)

are there any good teen books worth reading…

i like the books Harry Potter, The Clique (luv iit!!)and eragon/eldest.anything books similar to that u guys kno???thanks!!!

I highly recommend Twilight.You might enjoy Scott Westerfeld and try the Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras. I know many people that like these and many that don’t, so I guess you should try out Uglies to see how it turns out.Here are othersThe Queen of Second Place & Queen Bee.Percy and the Olympians SeriesHawksong – to me it was very good, but the books that came after it in the series weren’t as good.Charlie BoneSleeping Freshmen Never LiePendragon books by D.J. McHaleThe Mysterious Benedict SocietyQuantum Prophecy: The AwakeningThe NeddiadPrincess AcademyAmong the Brave – Margaret Haddix seriesGregor Prophecies – Suzanne CollinsMidnighters – another Scott Westerfeld seriesI hope this list helps!

I need some book recommendations please..

I posted something similar but ‘m putting more details into this.Books I’ve read and liked:Dracula and other stuff by Bram StokerDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeFrankensteinLots of Stephen King BooksSome Children’s/ YA Books I read and liked:The MonstrumologistAthertonThis one book I…

try some jonatan stroud books..first one of a trilogy is the amulet of samarkand.. i liked that and i liked a lot of the books you’ve enjoyed. try terry pratchett books the discworld series got into him when i was a bit younger than you and love them. wouldn’t recommend you go in order though his first few of the series aren’t great and you don’t need to go in order.

A book for an novice to intermediate reader.

I am a twenty year old male and the only reading I’ve really ever done besides school was the Harry Potter series, the hunger games trilogy, World War Z/ Survival Guide for Zombies..and the first book of A song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones.)Basically since there are so many books out there I just pick…

Fantasy: The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey.The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke.Gregor the Overlander (series) by Suzanne Collins.The Inheritance Cycle (series… Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) by Christopher Paloni.Dragon Keeper (series) by Carole Wilkinson.Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursa.Mystery: Sherlock Holmes (A Study in Scarlett… so on and so forth) by Sir Author Conan Doyle.The Mysterious Benedict Society (series) by Trenton Lee Stewart.The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings.Good luck and happy reading! 🙂

summer reading books.

summer is coming up and i need to read a book for summer reading. any ideas on what i should read? im into books like the twilight series by stephenie meyer, and crank, glass, and burned by ellen hopkins, but the book i read does not have to be similar to these; it can be something completely different. im a 15…

Oh there are so many. I once had a summer job at the library putting books away when I was your age, I was 14. Of course that was a while ago!!! However I know many classics, and modern books that a girl like you can read.I know everyone is going to say Harry Potter, but there are more too.Sarah Dessen, Judy Blume, Meg Cabot, and Kevin Brooks are good authors. Girls your age also like Kate Brian.Some books are:Harry Potter seriesCharlie Bone seriesSharp TeethJust After SunsetCellLittle DorritTom SawyerHuckleberry FinnThree Girls and their BrotherIt Happened to NancyOver and UnderMudboundWhat I saw and How I liedThe SavageChainsKendraThe Boy Who DaredThe Astonishing Life of an Octavian NothingClickSammy Keyes seriesA Series of Unfortunate EventsSecret Life of BeesNarniaThe Mysterious Benedict SocietyThe Name of this Book is secretIf You are Reading this book, It’s Already too LateAmong the HiddenRanger ApprenticeDear Dumb DiaryPendragon seriesSchooledThe Wild GirlsMaximum RideTreasure IslandDiamond BrothersThe Inheritance CycleEllen FosterThe Fire WithinEragonDragon RiderInkheart seriesHis Dark MaterialsUgliesVampire KissesLord of the RingsHobbitWrinkle in Time, A Wind in the DoorLuckyCall Me HopeMinerva ClarkPeakThe HostWarriorsSeekersPrincess DiariesAll American GirlThe Disreputable History of Frankie Landau BanksThe Other Boleyn GirlKite RunnerSpeakParanoid ParkThe Absolute True Diary of A Part Time IndianThe AlchemistAm I Blue? Coming Out of SilenceBee SeasonBeginner’s luckThe Bell JarBelovedBig FishAnansi BoysBoy Meets BoyThe Boy in the Striped Pajamasbook ThiefThe Thief LordBreakfast At Tiffany’sFairestElla EnchantedBud Not BuddyEverCheaper By the dozensA Child Called ItThe Children of HurinSisters GrimmMusic of DolphinsIsland of DolphinsDandelion wineDairy QueenEast of EdenEastthe Earth, My Butt, and other Big Round ThingsThe road of the DeadCar TroublePerfectElsewhereEmpire Falls The EightEnders GameEsperanza RidingExtrasFahrenheit 451Jane EyreOutlander

what do you think of a prequel book about Mr. Curtain by Trenton lee stewart.

I know stewart did a prequel book about benedict. but how bout a prequel book about curtain. Also do you think stewart should do a fourth book in the mysertious benedict society?

I haven’t seen the prequel, and I am not too fond of them myself so I wouldn’t particularly want one about Curtain.The “Mysterious Benedict Society” works very well as a trilogy. I think too many book series are ruined because they are pushed beyond their natural length, and the later books become quite poor. Although I liked the books, I am happy that they ended when they did.

Should I read the final Mysterious Benedict Society book or the prequel first.

I know that Stewart wrote The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict to take place before the series began but it was released after the final book in the series, and I’d like that book to be the end. So what I’m really asking is is it written to be a book after the end?How do you think I should…

many prequels contain Spoilers, so read them in the order they were written and releasedInformation in the prequel could ruin a shock ending that happens in the main series of books

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64 thoughts on “How Many Books Are In The Mysterious Benedict Society Series

  1. I wont tell you the ending…

  2. Mrs. SpitfireThe Notebook – Nicholas SparksCharlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson.Cardcaptor Sakura

  3. its a 5th grade book but it is really good

  4. After a horrible accident takes her family’s lives away and Ever lives through it, she is a mind reading, aura seeing, life telling by one touch freak! she hates it and always wants it to go away. so she wears an i pod and blares goth music to keep the sound out, a hoody to hide the cord at school and sunglasses to block the auras out. so she is the school freak… which is the opposite of what she used to be in Oregon until she had to move in with her aunt to California. she can also see dead people. including her sisters. she talks to her daily. but one day at school, a new guy Damen moves from New Mexico (not born there though) and when she touches him by accident ( which she tries so hard to avoid since it gives her their life story)……. nothing happens. just a warm, tingly,calm and QUIET mind! it was an unbearably good feeling. like breathing after being underwater too long. Damen becomes her boyfriend but he has a lot of secrets…Moore is a comedy writer who has a love for the supernatural. I haven’t picked up Bite Me Yet, but I absolutely loved You Suck! All three are about modern day vampires in San Francisco. Like traditional vampires they have to sleep during the day and their flesh burns in the daylight. They don’t sparkle. There is action, adventure, gore and even “realistic” romance. Some other books I loved by him were:John Green –

  5. Novels:Private Series

  6. When I was your age I love to read the Romona series books. You might want to also try the Nancy Drew, and the American Girl Series, and the Baby Sitters Club.I haven’t actually read it but I hear Interveiw with the Vampire is a great book.–The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa GregoryFake Boyfriend–The Raging Quiet by Sherryl JordanHis Dark Materials – Phillip Pullmani loved eragon and harry potter so you”ll like pendragon

  7. The Jessica Darling Series – Megan McCaffertyummmm,

  8. Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher MooreA very moving story and a quick read only like 100 pages. Read it in college and I will never forget the story.

  9. Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan BoysThe Chronicles or Narnia – CS Lewis”Soul Mates and Twin Flames,” Elizabeth Clare Prophet,A Great and Terrible BeautyGreen witch is only like 140 pages but it’s a really really good book you don’t have to read green angel to read green witch.

  10. I might propose the Wheel of Time series to any myth fan. There are more than ten books in the sequence, nonetheless, and a few components of the later books can also be rather dull when page after web page is dedicated to one of the most heroines complaining and twiddling together with her hair in twenty one-of-a-kind methods. There are other issues with it but it’d be tough to give an explanation for them with out resorting to spoilers. Overall it can be a very good if from time to time long winded fable sequence. David Eddings’ Belgariad sequence can also be quality however predictable sword and sorcery. Don’t learn it anticipating an difficult plot or a global as detailed as Tolkien’s, however if you happen to like magic, sword fights, some humor, and a likable cast of characters, give it a shot. It is a 5 parter though, ten in case you depend the sequel series, so you’ll better have some spare time on you. By the way, if you haven’t learn any of Tolkien’s work, check The Hobbit out. It and the Lord of the Rings trilogy are classics and are inspirations for many if not all the first-class myth sequence I’ve read. I simply remembered the darkish Is Rising series by means of Susan Cooper. My reminiscence could be very vague and i read it about twelve years ago after I was still in middle tuition, so I are not able to give a number of specified criticism of it. It’s very surreal, contains a number of strange symbolism and imagery, and the cast of younger magic customers would remind you somewhat of Harry Potter. They’re very one-of-a-kind from J.K. Rowling’s wizards, although. I do not forget them being enormously more strong and towards Gandalf than Harry in power stage. I can’t say for specified though, I relatively do not don’t forget a lot past the first couple of books the place they are much less strong. The later books are weird ample that they probably tough to comply with, i do know I had some concern making sense of them. In spite of this, you would like it when you enjoyed Harry Potter. Sooner or later, determine out the younger Wizards series. Additionally it is harking back to Harry Potter in some approaches, ample that you just could suppose it can be a rip off in the beginning glance, but it surely clearly predates J.Ok. Rowling’s work through more than a decade, with the primary booklet being published in 1983. I’ve only learn the first one, but IMO it used to be with no trouble as good or higher than the Order of The Pheonix, the only Harry Potter booklet I’ve read. Hope you adore some of these in case you come to a decision to assess them out.

  11. Happy reading

  12. Evermore–The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabotcheck him out!by D.J. MacHaleA Dirty Job and The Stupidest AngelDevilishThe Exorcist – William Blatty

  13. Rebel Angelsthe Pendragon seriesthere is also, get well soon by julie halphern. its a romanctic, funny novel. its about a teenager who is depressed and wants to die but not kill herself. just peacefully float away. but her parents get the wrong idea and send her to the lake land(as she likes to call it but then changes to lakeshit) then when she gets there, after a few days she starts to like it. she doesn’t think that the doctors are helping her, just her friends. especially Justin! he is a quiet, hot, caring boy. she also loves her friends Matt O. (so many matt’s came in and out but his parents made him stay for good and they call him Matt O.) but its pronounced Matto. also colby, abby,sean,jolene,tanya etc. but not all are friends. then she falls for justin and the story goes on. this is another havetoread book. i hope you like it.

  14. –The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann BrasharesI actually read the sequel to that one, You Suck!, first. And he just came out with a third one called “Bite Me.””Testimony of Light,” Helen Greaves,The Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice”Expecting Adam,” Martha Beck,Kinda Mysterious. (; Also very good. Read carefully, kinda confusing. But VERY good!!

  15. Well im not sure exactly but you might enjoy a couple books by, Sarah Dessen like the Truth about forever. Or the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz (she also wrote a book that came out not too long ago that’s called Deadly Little Secret) Btw her books tend to be abit strange from time to time. Or I just read The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, you might like that. Also I personally loved a Wrinkle in Time if you haven’t already read it. =D Good Luck!

  16. For a young adult/teen Meg Cabot’s young adult books. She is the best author. Also best selling. She wrote tons of books including the Princess Diaries (Movies based on her books), Mediator (upcoming movie), 1-800-Missing (TV show based on her books), All-American Girl (up coming movie), Jinx, Airhead and more. She has adult books too, so you can grow with her.1

  17. The Stephenie Plum Series – Janet Evonavich–Old Magic by Marianne CurleyThe Plucker – Brom

  18. Bad Girls – Alex McAulay (BEST BOOK IVE EVER READ)I hope this helps!! Ü HAPPY READING!

  19. The topic: a morally fallen woman writte in 1794.[DELDUP()]but its a teen bookThe Road- I heard that this book is horrifying and scary!

  20. The Hobbit – JRR TolkienThe Host – Stephenie MeyerHarry Potter – JK Rowling

  21. The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini”Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”

  22. three or four girls (cant really remamber) go to a cave … But thats where the Hunter lives… He finds the girls and they have to do Certain things to get out…They all escape, they go on a long journey , and some of them get shot, fall and break/sprain something , or end up fighting each other…

  23. The Well of Loneliness. Its interesting and completely outrageous for its time.If you want more info or any of the authors website’s email me.–Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

  24. Breathe My nameo0o yes! you HAVE to read Evermore. if you love twilight you’ll love this just as much or even better! ill give you a summary of it.An sad story of seduction, betrayal and retribution. A must read for anyone that loves fiction.The Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien

  25. subscribe, comment, tell your friends

  26. It – Stephen Kingif we don’t have a supernatural book series, let us know with a comment, or write me here. :)reaching helan keller–The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

  27. Kate Brian -Note: You may want to think about signing up for the site as well, you’ll get all their newest updates on books. Books are listened under Pages. Mixer of Romance, Fantasy, and some action! Please enjoy.Note link doesn’t always work, they are trying to fix it. If it doesn’t work at first just copy and paste it into your search bar.The Sweet Far Thingi hope you like it, which you probably will. its very romantic and it is just like twilight but without vampires. just immortals. there will be 5 books coming out. the 2nd is coming out in this august (blue moon) o0o by the way, the book is by Alyson Noel! i hope i helped some!Heist Society By Ally Carter is really good one of my favorite books actually. I rhink it might sut your taste =D

  28. “The Great Divorce,” C. S. Lewis. Not all “teen,” but good.

  29. Lucky – Alice Seboldor

  30. –A Great and Terrile Beauty Trilogy by Libba BrayBooks listed underneath site introduction.

  31. AND IT RUELS!!

  32. you have to read sisterhood of the travelin pants series they r funny, and awesum the yare about love and loss and freindship and seperation and jsut have rly good stories and morals i know that sounds cheesy but w/e the yr the best series everLooking For AlaskaA Walk to Remember – Nicholas SparksTeen Book site,–Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell–The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

  33. oh, thank you! finally someone who feels the way i do about twilight! bless you!one among my all time in demand books is seeking Alaska via John eco-friendly. that’s some boy who’s lived an average uninteresting existence till he heads off to boarding college. There he makes a gaggle of friends, inclusive of a female named Alaska youthful. This e book has genuine meaning, even nonetheless that’s notably mature and it made me cry. uncertain in case you have examine the secret existence of Bees via Sue Monk Kidd, many human beings have. in case you have not I propose you do. It occurs for the period of the civil rights circulate and that’s an incredible tale for females. The Boy interior the Striped Pajamas via John Boyne is an exceedingly severe e book with a heavy topic, the holocaust. that’s some little boy who’s father runs a dying camp. that’s a toddler’s view of this significant and tragic adventure in our history, and that’s totally interesting. The Silent Boy via Lois Lowry is a few female who meets, you guessed it, a silent boy. She will become friends with him and realizes how misunderstood he’s. 2 different books I propose are Fever 1793 via Laurie Halse Anderson and perhaps via Brent Runyon. desire I helped!

  34. The Southern Vampire Mysteries – Charlaine Harris–The Outsiders by S.E. Hintonread the five people you meet in heaven. It’s different from the books you read but it’s really good. Also read i will plant you a lilac tree if you’re into books about the holocaust. Other books I really liked are beach road, the last juror, and the partner.

  35. SAMMY KEYES, best books i ever read back then. it’s about this seventh grade girl who kicks *** and takes names later. read up. lol. i hated reading back then but i loved those books. they’re mysteries.

  36. Definently the Maximum Ride series by James Pattersonmade me cry

  37. Good luck and hope I helped 🙂

  38. Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson is fun.

  39. An Abundance of Katherineread twilight.

  40. Popular Teen Book List

  41. Les Miserables – Victor Hugo

  42. The Key to the Golden FirebirdThe Bermudez Triangle–Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

  43. twilight is the best

  44. Maureen Johnson —Outlander by Diana GabaldonThe Pendragon saga by D.J. MacHale is also very good

  45. Try some of these:

  46. A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle–Anne of Green Gables by LM MontgomeryAnne Brashare is my idol!!!

  47. –Jane Eyre by Charlotte BronteYou should use the website, What Should I read Next. This website will make perfect suggestions based on what you have read.

  48. –The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

  49. Series:starting with “the merchant of death”

  50. The Pillars Of The Earth, To Kill A Mockingbird (required reading for most students, but wonderful, nonetheless), Rebecca, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Peaceable Kingdom, The Little Prince, Watership Down, & Germinal! Take your pick! All of my very favorites!

  51. my fav is “The Withern Rise Trilogy”, book one is called “A CRACK IN THE LINE”…don’t read reviews or nothing…just read the description on the back of the book and see if it sounds good. It’s not an action packed book…but it’s really good.

  52. HP+not eragon eldst= not teen book

  53. Happy Reading! 🙂

  54. –I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

  55. “Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians,” Brandon SandersonIts about a girl who gets taken away to a … i guess sorta like a boot camp (some sort of prison) on an islandwhere the red fern growsif you’re into classics, i’d recommend you to read anything by jane austen or ‘jane eyre’ by charlotte bronte. if not, the bartimaeus trilogy (fantasy) is very funny and good, and agatha christie murder mysteries…not all of them are still in print but you can find them online…great reads 🙂

  56. When they go for a walk thier supervisor gets shot , and the girls are left to run away from Someone with a gun..

  57. The Mediator series by Meg Cabot. It is about a girl named Susanah who is a mediator – she can talk to the dead and helps them move from the living plane to wherever the dead go – heaven, hell or maybe their next life. Her father died when she was six and her mother remarried. So, now she has 3 step-brothers…then, there is this ghost of a twenty-something guy in her bedroom who died 150 yrs back..It’s all very interesting and there are six books in all.

  58. 13 Little Blue Envelopes”The Overachievers,” Alexandra Robbins,

  59. Libba Bray –

  60. One of the books that I really enjoy to read is the Alex Rider series, by Anthony Horowitz. It’s about an MI6 operative, who’s only a school boy. It’s a really good series, very action packed, also has a movie based off of the first book. The Artemis Fowl series, by Eoin Colfer is also a really amazing series (one of my personal favorites). It’s about a teenage, only 12 in the first book, criminal mastermind who kidnaps one of the People, so that he can hold her hostage in exchange for gold, but the People aren’t welling to do that. It’s an AMAZING series, but it doesn’t have a movie or a lot of buzz with it. I hope that helps, but if it doesn’t, just go to the library and ask around for a good book. I’m sure that there are plenty out there.

  61. read the twilight books if u havent read it!! it so good ull get through it so quickly!! or any of the meg cabot books there kind of like trash readin so youll fly through it!!!

  62. –Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory MaguireAnd I’m not sure if you’d like anything like this but one of my favorite book series called The Hunger Games is terrific and worth a good try.

  63. [/DELDUP]Uglies Series – Scott WesterfieldI love Meg Cabot (Heather Wells [upcoming movie]& Queen of Babble [upcoming movie], and tons of others), Sophie Kinsella’s (Shopaholic [soon to be movie] & Remember Me), Jennifer Weiner (Good in Bed & Certain Girls), Jane Green (Mr. Maybe) and Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed & Something Blue) books.They are all great authors!http://halesalvatormustreads.wordpress.c

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