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How To Hang Comic Books On Wall

How should I go about this date.

Read the last paragraph if you don’t wanna read it all, but you probably should.So, I’m bisexual, but I’ve never dated anyone because I tend to have high standards. Well, not high standards, it’s just I live in a crappy town where no one is really open-minded, and if they are, then I’m...

Awh that’s cute. <3 I think you should approach it as just a 'hangout', to not cause too much pressure on her. But then later after a few hangouts, she'll get the hint that you like her, and it'll be more obvious about being a date. But don't hold her hand unless she grabs your hand, because you never know if she thinks your going 'too fast'. And just take it easy and I know there is a big possibility of she liking you. (: Good Luck and God Bless (:

What can I really do with a degree in Liberal Studies.

Live in your parents basement and watch star trek reruns and collect comic books. The cool thing is though when you are playing dungeons and dragons, you will have a rectangular piece of paper hanging on the wall to remind you how silly wasting those four years of your life was when you could have been building your D & D skills and powers.

I survived books free

how should i rearrange my room.

when you enter there is a bed on the way right and a puzzle poster on top of the bed hanging then on the way left on the inside is a flat desk and from the door if you go to your left by the desk is a big bookshelf like a 3 square in the middle a on the sides are 5squares on each side on the desk i have a laptop…

It sounds like your room is very organized and it also sounds as though you don’t have a lot that needs to be done.Take a look at the items on your huge book shelf and see if there are supplies or other things that do not need to have on display. Place those items in the closet or in the square storage chair.Take a look at your bed. Perhaps since you are 13 you might be ready for a more adult bed cover (quilt, comforter, or spread). Find a fabric that has colors you like and go with those colors for accessories. If you have a window covering that could be changed use the colors from your bed cover to find a complementary shade or curtain for your window. Use the same idea to find an area rug and some decorative pillows. Perhaps you could use a picture to replace the puzzle on the wall near your bed. What about a new headboard? If that is in the budget select something in a faux suede perhaps, something that will appeal to your style as you get older.Being organized is most of the usual struggle in making any room look cool. You already have that problem addressed so the details are all that’s left. Have fun!

How can I make my bedroom really look like a teenager’s rooms.

My bedroom is so boring. It looks like an adult’s room, or even an old person’s room. So I want to make it look like a teenager’s room. I don’t have the time to move things around but I do have time to add things to my room. These are the things I have in my room:- Television- Bed- Computer-…

Do you like music? Favorite bands? Get posters, posters are the epitome of a teen’s room decor.Do you like comic books or anything like that? Get figurine’s or frame old comics and hang them on the walls. Get a fun bedspread that isn’t very mature looking, maybe in a brighter color or a fun pattern.

anyone thats really familiar with peter pan.

for a school function my grade’s theme is Peter Pan. We need to decorate a hallway with this theme. We also need a saying from peter pan to put on our shirts. does anyone have any suggestions on how to decorate or the quote for our shirt? i read somewhere that a quote from there was “its mandatory to grow…

“Think of a wonderful thought” how about that. Have the kids put their own wonderful “thoughts” (Be Beautiful, be unique, be happy, etc) in thought bubbles like a comic book on the wall. Then have glitter strings everywhere (for fairy dust). So I might get a long sheet of that paper and get them to put glue dots and other designs and then sprinkle gold glitter on it. Maybe even outline the thought bubbles in glitter and add glittered stars and place them on the wall. You might even have hanging glittery white stars or light blue since the lot went to Neverland at night.

decorating a room retro style.

i’m a 14 year old girl and my parents and I are trading rooms. my room will be quite large and a rectangular shape. it has two alcoves – one for my desk area and another for wardrobes. i will have a single bed, desk, shelves, 2 wardrobes, a sofa bed, and a bedside table in my room. i have a lot of artwork i…

Find someone who can draw cartoon characatures….Collect images that you would like to have all together… then have them sketch and paint a mural on the wall of all the different elements. Have the models looking beautiful in situations of distress where the cartoon characters are coming to their rescue.Then have some of the comic book characters just posing and hanging out in the picture.Design it as an oversized Pacman grid.Pacman is moving along the grid chomping along …(perhaps chomping at Wonderwoman’s head.)At the bottom of the picture on the opposite corner… have Mrs. Pacman hanging out there … waiting for her ‘gentleman’.In the open spaces of the Pacman grid… have the other characters hanging out… sitting on the lines… climbing the walls… yanking on the powerpellets…. eating the power pellets… crawling on the floor looking for a way out….The ideas are endless.

How can I make my room more nerdy.

I’m a big nerd, and love Harry Potter, Star Wars, books, computers etc. etc. but I want to make my room a bit more nerd-oriented! I’ve already got a big Star Wars poster and lots of books, but what else could I do that’s relatively cheap and doesn’t involve repainting and completely redoing my…

Well I was thinking about hanging comic book pages on your wall to make it look like wallpaper like Destery off of Youtube did, and he’s a super nerd, but he’s really cute.…

Where can I find small floating shelves to display collectables.

my fiance has a dozen of these little comic book character busts that he would like to display on shelves on the wall. his vision is to have each bust on its own shelf with its corresponding comic book framed and hanging behind it. I want to use those floating shelves because of how many he has to display, I want…

how about getting 1/4 inch thick plexiglass cut to size, this is easy if you have a saber saw! use emry cloth on the edges to smooth and round them, then glue to the face of the glass or plexiglass in the frame with gorilla glue or super glue or that e-65? glue they sell at crafts stores.2 sheets of plexiglass with screw holes just above and below will hold the comic books between them. No framing needed especially if you use chicago screws to hold the things together – 4 to each?

What to use to display a book.

I am buying a rare book from my childhood and want to display it on a shelf but also protect it at the same time. I was looking into buying something like this… but this would not fit the size of the book as…

I have seen those frames and I worry that they are not very good for the comic book. Depending on how the comic is kept centered in the frame I wonder if it could damage the book. If it is a rare book I would probably get it CGC graded and then framed. I have used these before and thought they were good . They also make deeper frames for golden age comics. For none CGC comics I have used these… and they seem to work well.

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15 thoughts on “How To Hang Comic Books On Wall

  1. If I were you, I would take everything out of the room and then start over putting only the necessities in again. Through out the rest or store it in boxes in the basement in case you need any of it in the future. Why on earth a white rug? Ditch that.

  2. Sounds very crowded this is why it extremely is boring you haven’t any longer have been given any room to do very similar to easily throw your self on the floor. you may desire to get a number of those issues like in a cupboard. then get a rug, Then upload your well known issues make the cabinets bypass on good of the room painthings that are scratched or stain them back. curtains could be created from sheets.

  3. Photos and pictures that are nerdy or nerdy jokes just sticky taped in the wall maybe?

  4. Look at some pictures of Harry Potter. If you are good at art then maybe paint a mural on your wall.

  5. all those things you could do without a degree in liberal studies.

  6. Jo Ann

  7. Flowers, peace signs, lava lamps, orange + green decorations.

  8. You can be anything you want to be…

  9. some places only wish you have some degree they don’t care what, things like customer service, offices and such.

  10. You lost me at about the second sentence, but I would suggest you do what they do on the decorating shows. Completely gut your room, and then start putting things back. You may decide you don’t need some things, and you’ll be happy with the outcome! Plus you can get everything really clean and organized that way.

  11. dk

  12. Is simple…You can use dark colours…maybe the contrast black-white…or..if you want realy retro…. make your room just like wood,that looks very retro,and I think, with your artwork on the walls, will look soo good. You can make some pictures black and white with your you said…comics,pacman etc… If you also like to be a little bit crazy, if you can, put your pictures on the ceiling! That’s so funny…. Another idea:put some clothes on the walls stuck with scotch-retro clothes! If you like space invaders, make a lamp in shape by ufo :)) Your bad may have a bed-sheet with batman..or i dont kno..Free your mind… will be good and freak 😉

  13. Best wishes

  14. How about an old fashion bell jar? Also, don’t display it near windows or bright lights as the light will fade the book.

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