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How Much Do Half Price Books Employees Make

Capitalists: How do you repudiate these economic inefficiencies of capitalism.

I don’t have the greatest understand of economics (I’m 16) but perhaps you can show me where I’m wrong.1. Product Duplication. Companies that waste resources, time, and labor by making different types of the same product. If you go to a grocery store you will see around 60 different brands of…

Humans are inefficient regardless of the economic system they operate under. Strict central planning is error prone because committees cannot possibly predict everything that will happen when producing goods or managing people. Likewise, with a free market system there are bound to be problems as well. Managers and executives (civilian or governmental) are not always kind souls and will exploit people when possible.Mixed economies stand the test of time. I think people need to stop morally investing in economic systems. Ultimately the “ist” and not the “ism” makes history. I can only guess what your ideal society would be (if any). But realize that utopias aren’t real and that communal societies devised by professors don’t actualize. Tribal societies are viable but they develop hierarchies which for some reason “academics” find distasteful.Purely economic thinking is a sign of inner weakness. Perhaps this is merely the spirit of our age but perhaps it was artificially introduced. An economy should be made to serve people and not the other way around. Humanity, Culture, Race, Religious Belief, Philosophy, Art, and hosts of other things always trump money.I favor Socialism as an ethic. By subordinating the need of the individual to the needs of the group, humans can advance spiritually, biologically, and technologically. This ethic can be applied to whatever state or society you wish.Let me address each of your points for some added clarity:1. Humans like variety. Do you know one reason why Europeans traveled and conquered land abroad? Spices. In the days of yore food was rather bland in Continental Europe. By acquiring spices the rulers (and eventually lower classes) could ease their flavor boredom.2. In traditional and kinship based societies families took care of their own. Everyone had work and even those who could not make it in today’s world had some form of place. The absence of technology created work as well.3. Life is a constant risk. Nobody can provide 100% job stability in any situation or circumstance. Some systems provide more than others, but ultimately everyone should be responsible for themselves when working outside the kin group.4. How many goods are unsold? Many companies/governments sell off their excess products at bargain prices. If something is truly unsellable chances are it’s an inefficient or defective product.5. I will cede that point to you.6. That is more a symptom of cultural decay than anything else. Advocates from the right and left (if you view things from that dichotomy) will both agree that modern consumer society is unhealthy. The erosion of a people’s heritage can atomize them and make life a living hell with or without mass produced goods and the lifestyle they provide. A morally sound individual can survive just fine in this mess. But one without identity will be destroyed by it.7. Any society will create make-work for people it can’t deal with in another way. Just look at the American Postal Service if you don’t believe me.

How to start wedding videography business.

I am thinking about starting a wedding videography business. I am sixteen years old and have video taped five weddings. They have all been for family members so I didn’t charge anything. I have two video cameras (nothing too fancy). I use Windows Movie Maker because I’m used to it and all my videos have…

yes, people will pay a teen if you can prove to them your work is good. to start out with, you will need to get a business license, which is normally about 10 or 12 dollars from your county treasurer’s office. it covers the first year of business and then they will charge you according to how much you actually make each year.decide on a name for your business and then do some local advertizing. you can put up a website and connect with other wedding vendors in your area, like venues, wedding planners, caterers, florists etc. those who like you and like your work will recommend you.offer deep discounts for the first few weddings you do in order to build up your portfolio. you can advertize in local wedding guide books, put up flyers in local churches if they permit, participate in local wedding expos.make sure you make up a little contract for customers to sign which has a space for how much you will charge and outlines what they can expect from you. also add a clause stating that you own the copyrights to any video you do, so that you can legally use them on your website to advertize the kind of work you do. put little clips, use youtube or whatever, and let people see your work.a word to the wise, the best wedding videos are set to music from the actual wedding and reception, which adds to the value of the for income tax, you do have to pay business taxes but there is no “registration” you have to do about that unless you are planning to have employees, then you must apply for an employee identification number called an EIN. but that would be down the road. in the meantime, you just get the correct business tax forms for a private or sole ownership business when you file is not mandatory, but it may be wise. since you are still a minor, ask your parents or guardian to inquire with their home owners policy holder what is covered under the present policy and what might be needed in the way of liability insurance in case your trip on one of your cords and fall in the wedding cake or someone else trips over your cords or camera and gets hurt, etc.fees depend on what people are getting in your area. in some places videographers get much more than they do in other places, so go online and look at the prices other professionals are getting and go lower to start with until you build up experience and recommendations. get the relatives you have already helped to write you letters of recommendation and post them on your webpage and keep a hard copy to show potential clients. ask some of them to be willing to give phone references if people ask for them.

Business books free

pls post your comments & suggestion about the problem.

pls post your comments & suggestion about the the start, when the number of employees was small, they work conscientiously enthusiastically. They had to fill out their time records by hand and put an entry in a time record book. However, when the number of employees increased from fifty to one…

First of all I don’t know what position you are in with regard to all this, are you the manager or are you being complained against? Second, you could get into a lot of legal trouble listing peoples names in a forum such as YA whether or not you had any supervisory position with that company.I worked for a company once that went to the time clock, however if the limit was 3 lates a month then after that the people lost their jobs while in your company it appears that the rule of 3 lates is weak and not backed up with firings and a company needs to stick with their rules and regulations not get walked all over.When other people have their friends stamp in for them it’s because there aren’t enough time clocks available, but it shows that either those people don’t wish to be late and the lines are too long, or they want to be late and lie about it. With so many employees it’s difficult to know what’s going on unless some supervisor who knows everyone and has a great memory can watch who arrives.The situation “might” be alleviated if the employees were broken up into small groups who had to sign in on time with one person…like 12 or more people signing in with one supervisor. You could also determine who are the latecomers and have those sign in with a certain trusted supervisor daily. You could also ask why those people are late, and if they are late because the babysitter is always late or because there is too much traffic or undependable traffic on their route then cut down their lunch hour to half hour or make them work half hour or more after work. And that’s why you have to break them up into small groups.I can understand that no one wants to put accusations in writing because there would be backlash and that person would have to leave her job. But the assistant director saw her good comments as accusations and that’s a bad thing for your assistant director to do because they are putting the problem on the shoulders of their employees when in fact the employer to a big extent is at fault for not solving this matter easily or appropriately.

Does the Freedom of Information act apply to educational institutions.

My school, I fear, is corrupt. We have a campus bookstore that charges 5x what a book is worth, just because it’s on campus. The corporate headquarters are in Illinois. Their refund policy is atrocious. Its employees twist arms and intimidate students into giving out personal information they don’t want to…

You are confusing a governmental issue with a private, corporate contractual one.First, you need to back up that the bookstore charges 500% of the retail value. This is simply not so. College bookstores typically obtain textbooks at a 30% discount, because they are essentially wholesalers. This is very normal.Second. As a private enterprise, they are entitled to set refund and buyback prices as they see fit. MOST will honor full price refunds within the normal add/drop period of the institution provided that the book is in NEW condition AND they may require that the student provide evidence that they have dropped the course. All legal.Third. They may require that you show student ID, or a class schedule. There is no law that states that you MUST patronize their store: you are free to make your purchases from other vendors…..Fourth. Your tuition is in no way linked to the bookstore. The bookstore is owned and operated by a vendor, who entered into an agreement with your institution. If this concerns you, then ask your Student Government to request an inquiry with the Provost.Your legal right to know may be limited, but the option I noted above is probably the first step, maybe your only option.While I empathize with your plight, and agree 100% that textbook prices are out of control, you need to direct your attention to the causes, not the purveyors.Good luck, and try to avoid the problems that 20 NYU students now have: possible expulsion!

Why did the baseball card and comic book markets crash.

I collected cards and comics when I was younger and recently have sold most of it…..most definitely took a loss…..the last time I think they were both solid was the late 80s/early 90s and then boom…..I have my theories but what is your opinion……….

As an economist, card collector, and former sports card store employee, let me comment. (be forewarned, I’ll ramble a bit, but I’ll tie it together in the end).idamahn isn’t exactly right about cards. There were never 60 card companies producing, or even half of that.In regards to the card market, it really depends on how old you are. but assuming you’re a child of the 80’s…what happened is that cards were actually overproduced during the mid-to-late-eighties, and early nineties, roughly through about 93 or so. Not from too many companies, but production runs were quite high from the handfull of firms. On top of that, quality was also poor. As a result, the value of a complete set of Topps 91 baseball today is worth next to nothing.Thing is, very few people realized this then. As a consumer it is somewhat difficult to gague exactly what’s on the market. As far as most kids were concerned, their knowledge of value came from friends, the corner store, and a Beckett or Tuff Stuff (I’ll get to these later).It wasn’t until the eighties that people (read: adults) really started to realize that the cards that they grew up collecting were quite valuable. Sure, I mean, Ruth, Cobb, Williams, etc., were all big names. But it wasn’t until then that the value of such older cards were appreciated. You add baby boomers, the explosion of television, etc, how could they not? As such, baseball cards became quite popular, ie: the demand for cards went up. Bingo, bring on the high production numbers.Thing was, one thing that set the two eras of collecting apart. In the fifties, nobody really thought the cards that they had would be valuable. Put em in the spokes of your bike, flick em with your friends, etc. And as the boomers moved off to college, they either got put in the attic or tossed in the garbage. How much could a piece of cardboard with some guy’s picture really be worth? Turns out a lot. So people get this idea in their heads and start hanging onto their cards.So fast foreward to today. What has changed? Virtually everything, from the collecting habits of individuals to the cards themselves. If you look at the card market fifteen years ago and compare it today, we’re talking night and day.Building on the 80’s everybody realized that cards could one day be valuable. It wasn’t just cards. Take toys, action figures, cards, comics, etc. So people of course started hanging on to these things. Dollars do doughnuts, over 90% of the Death of Superman comics are still in plastic.But if everybody is hanging onto them, where does the longrun value come from? In most cases, there really is none anymore. But what collectors can now count on are fads. Take your pick. A few years back, when McGwire was doing his thing, his Topps rookie could sell fro triple digits. Now? You can pick them up off of ebay for less than $10. A-Rod? Same deal. Collectors are completely different these days.Card companies have changed too. Whereas before, in the 80’s all that most collectors really knew about where the 3 or so main companies producing cards, each making usually one, sometimes two, and rarely three different editions. Today there are tons. And cards today arent’ your cards of yesteryear either. From anything from highly advanced photography, digital printing, holograms, to real signitures, and cards with pieces of used game memorabillia like bats, jerseys – and not of just today’s players, but of players like Ruth and WIlliams, serial #’d cards, printing plates, etc, cards have changed completely. Who wants a Barry Bond’s rookie card for $15, when for three bucks, you’ve got a shot at pulling a baseball card with a slice of Babe Ruth’s bat on it, or a real signature from the Rocket, or a piece of Cal Ripken’s jersey, etc?Then there’s price guides like Tuff Stuff and Beckett. Fifteen years or so ago, there was little to go on. You were given a high and a low value, and that was it. Take it or leave it. Did they divulge their sources, or how they came up with their prices? No. But as far as you knew, they were right, and it wasn’t really questioned. So those were more or less the prices. Then comes the internet. No more having to rely on your local shop or the occasional card show. And guess what? Cards online were much cheaper than at the store. Was it because online there was no overhead? Not really? It is because places like eBay let the market really determine the value. What’s more accurate: your friend Bob who wants your card, or fifty Bob’s who want your card?So, whew…in summary, what we’ve go is the following:1)In th 80’s Boomers realizing that their old toys, including cards and comics. Boomers wanting to recapture their youth. This causes a shift in collecting habits. Baseball cards are no longer toys for children or junk. They are things to be saved, invested in.2)Card companies respond to the increase in demand from (1) by increasing their production. Basic economics kicks in: high production = low prices.3)In the mid-nineties, because collecting is taking off, and competition among companies, resulting in new types of cards being produced which are in higher demand than recent ones.4)The internet yields better communication between collectors. This helps better determine prices, and causes the leveling off of previously inflated prices.

Should I bring legal suit against my former employer.

Hi. I worked for 4 years as an assistant manager at a corporate owned movie theatre in Illinois until September of last year. (2012) During my time there I witnessed my general manager (store manager) make some poor decisions. I’ve highlighted two examples and I’d like to know if these incidents justify a…

From what you say your former manager seems like a jerk who cares more about the bottom line than he does the health and safety of his customers and employee’s.Honestly, I’d say sue his butt, but it’s not that simple. How much of this can you prove? Just because you filled an incident report doesn’t mean corporate will give you the paperwork you filled. In addition, what exactly would you sue for? Uncomfortable working conditions? Are any of the current and previous employee’s going to side with you?My suggestion to you would be to talk to a lawyer who offers free consultation. Don’t listen to anyone else and don’t just flip to the back of the phone book and find the biggest picture, go online and do research to find the best lawyer who will cater to your specific problem. If s/he feels you have good grounds for a lawsuit, then s/he will be able to give you further assistance on how to go about it. Typically, a good lawyer won’t want to take a case that they believe they can’t win, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.Good luck to you

Let me know much about corporate greed.

Nothing much to know.1. It has been around forever. It is part of the human condition.………Even Adam Smith noted that it was a problem:”People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices” – The Wealth Of Nations, Book IV Chapter VIII, para. c27.”To widen the market and to narrow the competition, is always the interest of the dealers…The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order, ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never to be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention. It comes from an order of men, whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it.” – The Wealth Of Nations, Book I, Chapter XI, Conclusion of the Chapter, para. 10.etc.So throwing up your hands, denouncing it as evil, etc. doesn’t do any good.2. The only answer is strict regulation with the goal of harnessing the greed into constructive activities (such as increasing competition) and channels rather than destructive ones. The “free market” does NOT do this:, even Adam Smith notes this: for that, the first step is make sure the corporations aren’t too large. Once they get large, they have too much power to control effectively: it be that one of the reasons that northern Europe works better than the U.S. is that their economies are based on small and medium sized firms while the U.S. economy relies on large firms (more than half of all employees work for firms of 5,000 employees or more; more than half the GDP comes from large firms; etc. )

Does anyone know of any deals on airline tickets.

I need to book a flight for the 28th of December to the 4th of January. I need to go from PHX to San diego (if that’s how you spell that) but I don’t have A lot of money to send, like ideally under say 90 bucks to 100.

south west $150 rtKayak $178 rtDo you have a small private airport near your home. Go down and make friends in the coffee shop or with an employee of the airport. See if they can set you up with a dead head one way (or both ways) for free. then you would only have to pay half price or one way of your trip or mayber not have to pay at all. Many times people are practicing for their license or just out joy riding and Phx to San Diego is a much used corridor. They like company when they are flying and many times will take a passenger for no money at all. think outside the box a little. its fun too and you meet a good class of cool people.good luck!

Why do cinemas charge so much.

Is it really just for greedor does it have real economic reasons?6$ for a large soda or popcorn?makes no sense

The studios get a percentage of each ticket sold (about half the ticket price per seat for each showing). That is where tickets stubs came in. Originally they were numbered for easier book keeping. Multi-screen theaters also used different colored tickets for each screen.So why is it so expensive for the concessions? The other half of the ticket doesn’t cover the operating costs.Most of it is the costs of labor. Film projectionists make around $20/hr but there is usually only one projectionist on duty no matter how many screens the theater has. Then there are all the minimum wage earners selling tickets, ripping tickets in half, selling concessions and cleaning. On a busy night, you can count the employees and figure it to average about 4 per screen at least. Add one manager and you have a pretty big payroll.Advertising is another expense. The cost of putting film times in the local papers adds up, even with the bulk discount the papers offer their regular clients.Then there is the utilities, insurance, maintenence of the parking lot, rent and tripple net (if the land is leased) or property taxes of owned by the theater. Finally there are the taxes. The state or city might require a seat tax on top of the sales tax which is covered in the ticket price. The actual cost of the ticket is $6.19 + $0.81 in taxes. That $6 popcorn is not actually $6- it is $5.25 + $0.75 in sales tax. If you look at the bottom of the concession prices the signs usually state that the prices include all taxes due.Finally, there is the economic maxim, “what’s in it for me?” In other words, the theates need to make some money to keep shareholders and owners happy.

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50 thoughts on “How Much Do Half Price Books Employees Make

  1. drove most fans away.5) I’ll give you points on this one. If the Yugo was the only car available today by government edict, it would still be sold. And you’d drive one. And it wouldn’t have to change style, features, or safety engineering.The bulk of profits made by a movie theater are via concession, not admission. There’s a great TED talk on how broken things are, and it addresses this. Studios aim for larger profits, hence bigger budgets, fewer films. Larger ticket prices are probably a result of costs distributors charge exhibitors (theater owners).

  2. specific factors of it do and in case you report a Freedom of guidance Act inquiry then they should verify if any area of what you’re asking approximately applies and is not categorized or ought to be released. subsequently even somewhat the names of a few themes or some operations or the project of something are even categorized much less what it is and why acronyms are used. without bits and products of guidance that make experience you probably does not even understand what to ask or a thank you to ask it till ultimately you had some historical past understanding or familiarity with it first of all. i might additionally upload that divulging bits and products of guidance that are categorized can get you fined $10,000 and thrown in penal complicated for ninety-9 years consistent with violation so determining to purchase sufficient guidance approximately something to even understand what to ask of whom is extremely confusing. In those circumstances the region there’s a Freedom of guidance Act request they besides the reality that should respond no count if the respond is that it is categorized and ought to not be released and that i’ve got have been given had to shield quite a few those in my occupation on the project of themes that I labored on. those themes are dealt with on the Command component in a great style of circumstances and that i labored in a community and for a business enterprise that functioned at that component.

  3. Published: September 07, 20036) Have you checked out government propaganda lately?

  4. No, it does not justify a law suit. Secondly, if you were that worried about the customers and fellow coworkers, you would have done this when it happened; not just now.

  5. The card market imploded because it exploded. Remember as late as 1986 there were basically 3 card companies. In the early 90’s there were probably 60. The market could not support them and the bottom fell out.

  6. Like everything else, prices of things increase over time. $6 for a large soda or popcorn is very expensive, cinemas usually charge a lot for food and drink these days.

  7. You think a group of individuals with absolute power can do better? I can think of no examples. You are 16 years old. You should be going out on dates and getting a job. Stop reading wikipedia because you clearly do not understand finance enough to come to any logical conclusions.The gimmicky covers, Bagged issues, multiple cover issues, every page a pin up and total lack of plot …in a word, IMAGE COMICS7) Have you checked out bureaucracy lately?3) Regarding cost-shifting: This is a problem with State Capitalism, not Free-Enterprise Capitalism. If you are in a Free-Enterprise system, you simply dump your employer, go work elsewhere, or start your own company and compete with said former employer.Baseball Card Values Book

  8. You actually want some one to refute these statements, not repudiate them.

  9. Today, dealers will not accept free copies of these “HOT” books. There are just too many available….plus…the book stinks!

  10. At any rate….5. That is their right…if you don’t like it go buy a typewriter.7. 100% incorrect. You obviously have never held a real job. Go tell Wal-Mart they need to get rid of their supervisors.

  11. My dear friend and to all of those concerned: most Americans are flat out CLUELESS when it comes to economics and defining capitalism as well as differentiating it from and defining its alternatives, let alone even knowing what they are. This is the sad fact that I and all of my fellow students of economics face everyday of our lives. The general public is uneducated on the mechanics of economic systems, misunderstands the communist manifesto, and has an @$$ backwards view of capitalism. They do not critically analyze either systems nor do they do so with what they are taught in school or learn from others, especially Michael Moore’s followers (not to say Ann Coulter’s are any better). Economic recessions come and go and of course they vary in severity. Hardly anyone seems to realize that we were in a recession of a slightly lesser magnitude from 2000 to 2002 and has any idea how this started and what makes it so unique. To prove this, I ask anyone who disagrees with me to learn how derivatives markets work, how financial markets are connected to it, why they are dependent on dominating markets like housing or manufacturing, and what was going on with the housing market. Then read about Say’s law and the market crashes and recessions of 1901 and 1904-5. Then go out and ask anyone who thinks they know what caused the current recession if they know anything about the above mentioned recessions.

  12. could cost you a lot in the long run .

  13. to support the multi million salaries of actors

  14. 2) Yes, make work programs are cute. But they they don’t put new wealth into an economic system. Human economic systems are subject to the same laws of Thermo-dynamics as everything else in the universe. You can either generate new wealth efficiently through competition and redistribute it according to merit, or you can redistribute existing wealth until it runs out. There is no personal incentive or willingness to compete more efficiently in socialist systems.I have a pretty solid collection. Cards crashed because MLB crashed. Steroids, the autograph card market went real high, and everyone (from a production stand point) saw how these people were paying $100/pack, and then this lasted for about 6 months, autographs, game pieces, etc- every company copied it and there was an over abundance discovered via ebay, so you could see how heavily populated the specific card was ,

  15. D.I have collected cards my whole life, literally from age 5 to now, 27.I OWN a comic book store and will be celebrating my tenth anniversary on September 6th.Yes here you can search for cheap airline tickets from I won’t refute it, it’s good business, not an inefficiency.Final point. Most don’t know there are very few Capitalists globally, everyone else would like to be a Capitalist and support any ones attempt to do so, which is a pipe dream to most.6. Again, you are blaming a social problem on an economic system.At least in the past, theaters made most of their money on concessions, they would not have been able to stay open without the profits on concessions. It Used to cost over $3,000 and up to rent out a single movie to play in the theatre. I imagine it costs a hole lot more now. And theatures often have 10-12 movies playing at a time, and 10-20 employees. The problem is, that theaters now make millions of dollars with all the commercials that get played before the film. And prices on tickets and food are going up not down. But whatever, just don’t buy food there.

  16. 4. What the hell does methane gas, and throwing food away have to do with Capitalism? And if a restaurant wants to waste food that is their choice. Once again, nothing to do with economics, just bad use of food.

  17. 1. Product duplication is in a word, competition. Many competitors making the same product vying for a larger piece of the market share.

  18. If someone doesn’t agree with you, they are not always intellectually bankrupt. You have sunk to the level of your critics by resorting to insults.

  19. I am not the greatest fan of Capitalism. Those who know are aware that the free market exists outside Capitalistic countries as well. Governments often interfere in the free market itself#6) So your theory is people would be happier working in a do your little job 6 days a week for the same pay, with no chance of promotion or advancement socialist society. I think not.I can tell you are only 16. That said with regard to the unanswered so far #6.2. You claim that in any other economic system there is no excess of labor. That simply isn’t true. When you make a valid point I’ll refute it.$135 on us airways (

  20. 4. Methane gas does not cause global warming. Your homeschool education is failing you. I have a news flash for you. Waste and over run occurs in every economy. A cursory review of history will prove that.Those are health code violations. Any legal issues that exist are between the State and your employer. You can report them to the State Health Board, but thats it.Yes. Wedding video is not only a job, it is a career. It’s a passion that you will always look up to. If you really want to build your own business, do it legally. Register your business name whether you are an individual or team.

  21. Waste of unsold goods? Where? Again if goods go wasted and unsold money is lost and businesses do not repeat the mistake

  22. The distinction needs to be made between Free-Enterprise Capitalism and State Capitalism (aka socialism, communism, etc.)You can find the whole thing online at the link bellow. It explains why even though people will make effective forecasting errors (Creations of false desires) those who study the subject are AGAINST allowing an entity take that pursuit (of happiness) away from the free will and rights of individuals within a society.Capitalists have used that system to make them wealthy beyond their dreams. Now they call the shots. They pay lobbyists to rewrite laws exclusively for them and they can afford to pay off most politicians.

  23. If you want to understand economics I suggest you read Free to Choose, The Wealth of Nations, and The Road to Serfdom. Quit reading Marx for a while. If you read what these free market books you don’t seem to comprehend them well. You can boast about your technical knowledge of economics but East and West Germany said it all. It’s better to either convert to freedom or give up the subject entirely.

  24. You certainly have no standing to file any type of lawsuit. Why do you think you are entitled to any money for what happened?? You suffered no actual damages. Just because you know of something wrong that happened doesn’t mean you have a lawsuit on your hands or are entitled to any sort of money.

  25. sorry but that is pretty much impossible- airfares cost $$$ nowCreation of false desires. Read an essay which many college students have to read in basic first year English although it is more than an English lesson, it answers your question.It’ a fad, and all fads go after some time. It may boost up again, have hope!

  26. By Jon GertnerCivil War and 52 are two very strong lines in the stores right now and I am also a BIG fan of the Walking Dead.Well, you will not wish to listen to this however flossing is most important for well breath however such a lot men and women effortlessly do not do it adequate or effortlessly do not do it good. If that is now not the predicament it maybe your vitamin. Try consuming plenty of greens, each uncooked and cooked, and take a look at to keep away from fatty meals. Drink plenty of hot water with lemon. You would additionally wish to get a tongue scraper for the reason that this will also be a intent regarding your belly. Also, you would wish to difference your dentist. All dentist are NOT created identical and a few do a higher cleansing than others. You could also be correct that it’s not a dental predicament however you might also be beneath the fake influence that your dentist did a well process whilst he didn’t. It’s valued at it to discover out. But for now difference your vitamin and stick to the scorching water and tea. Good success.

  27. The Communist block had people employed sitting all day as hall monitors doing nothing,

  28. The “ebay” has press the prices of both of the comic books and sports cards down

  29. 6. Your claim doesn’t make sense. Desires are not false. That is like saying dreams aren’t true.

  30. I am glad you can read now go read Gertner

  31. I do agree with you on some bits of your arguments, but that is because unions have companies over the socialist barrel with all the entitlements that have been promised over the decades. But that is a strike against socialism not against free market capitalism.

  32. There are many more things I could say, but the simple fact is that socialism does not create incentives for individuals to introduce new wealth into an economic system. It merely takes from those who have produced, and gives it to people who no longer have a need to produce. And the ruling class skims off the cream & lives well.

  33. Those at the top didn’t get there by accident, and will fight and even kill at any attempt to dethrone them.

  34. Considering it was estimated that there were 3 copies of X-Men #1 for every collector…the price didn’t exactly go up.Comics are pretty strong right now, not like they were before – but the doors are still open.

  35. #7)Again you contradict yourself, earlier big business you argue that they lay people off for higher profits and now you would have us believe that too many useless people are hired to get the job done.If employees are better at running a business and want to take the risks etc( not all businesses cost that much to start) rather than relying on an employer they are empowered to go ahead and open one.

  36. In a word, speculators. The Speculator bought boxes of “sure to be hot” comics and held on until the price’re screwed mate ,they will say you made it all up and are a disgruntled employee ,it needs to be more serious ,i know what you say is bad but if you reported it with no reply guess who has been told by the bigger boss to get shot of the trouble maker its all about profits in this world of today !Sixteen year old children who throw labels like “capitalists” around while enjoying the fruits of the system seem a touch hypocritical to me.

  37. 7. True capitalism doesn’t encourage wasteful or useless jobs. They are inefficient and not good for business. Again, look to communism or socialism for corrupt systems that breed uselessness. Again, a brief study of history will prove that.

  38. To bad you took a loss on the comics, BUT there was so much crap put out in the early 90’s, people were bound to take a bath on that stuff.4) Actually, companies that recycle and are conservative in their finances avoid waste of any sort and recycle everything they can. Otherwise they’ll be killed by their competition.Go work for one of the airlines

  39. Duplicated products that do not sell and make money are dropped that is the free market system.

  40. It is called The Futile Pursuit of Happiness1.) If I go to the computer store, I can choose between an Apple or a Microsoft operating system. You can’t do this if the government owns the means of production. Likewise, with cars, Ford, GM & Dodge all make trucks and cars. Oddly, they are somewhat different; but if you don’t want to buy them, you are not required to do so. You could buy a Toyota or a Yugo.I’ll take the first four mentioned if they have the features I want.Because most of the guys who were big into collecting them finally got laid and moved out of their parents’ basement. Guess you still haven’t gotten that far, eh…?

  41. 1) We have choices and the product that each person likes the most is purchased. You can not believe that one cereal on the cereal aisle is a better option, if that were the case then talk about product manipulation by the manufacturer.3. In true capitalism, this doesn’t happen. If an employer fails, the company fails. There is no taxpayer bailout. More efficient companies grow to fill the void and absorb the displaced workforce.#3) Most successful businesses start small with just the owner and maybe one or two employees and they learn and grow into a bigger company. This keeps risks fairly low for the company and it`s employees.

  42. 3. Workers are free to find a less risky employer. If costs get “shifted to the state” that would be socialism…not capitalism

  43. Useless jobs sounds like the Soviet Union’s hall monitors again.

  44. #5)If that is true, then why would you complain about companies doing what they can to keep employees down and now you say they commit acts that would require more employee hours.You should pick up a few new books to see what is happening in the hobby you used to love.

  45. The proliferation of gaming and DVDs I think laid a big toll on our industry. Since we are literally competing for ‘entertainment dollars’, every dollar spent elsewhere effects my bottom line.1. That is called competition and keeps prices down for the poor#4) I have not witnessed any pouring of bleach on foods to keep the homeless out and I surely do not fall for the global warming hoax.

  46. #2) In our system the worker gets rewarded for honest hard work, so he strives to deliver his best for the consumer.

  47. roundtrip anytime is not going to be under $100 epecially Not at the Busiest time of the yr to flyTFTP

  48. ring them up

  49. As i booked my London tickets and saved 30% here. Good luck

  50. 2. Incorrect: The US (especially under Republicans) have the lowest unemployment rates in the world (numbers don’t lie). Also, a business is not obligated to give someone a job. Its called freedom.If Capitalism is so great, then why do Capitalist use Socialism for themselves and leave Capitalism for us?Baseball Card Book

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