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How Do I Remove Books From Kindle

How do I remove a device from my Kindle account.

I let a “friend” borrow an old Kindle. Now I cannot get it back. She is charging books to my account. How can I get the device removed from my account?

Go to the menu options at the top of the page, choose ‘Manage Your Kindle’.Then, from the menu options on the side of the page, choose ‘Manage Your Devices’.Find the appropriate device in the list and deregister it.For good measure, you should probably also change your password so your friend can’t just reregister from the device if she knows your password or it’s stored on the device.

How do I remove archived items from my Kindle.

I have a kindle touch and a regular kindle with keyboard.

For the Kindle Keyboard, go to the home screen, then highlight the book, then click an arrow key. It’ll bring up a menu, and choose Delete from this device. Free mystery audio books

how do you remove a book from the kindle.

Once I’ve read a book, how do I delete it?

Hit the home button.Move cursor arrow down to book title that you want to delete.Then click your left cursor arrow button.A little black box should appear below the title of the book that says “remove from device”Click the middle part of your cursor arrow buttons.It will remove the book from your Kindle.If you ever want to get the book back – it will be in your archived items.

How do I remove a book from my kindle fire cloud.

I have removed the book from my device and from my amazon account but it is still appearing in my cloud. How do I remove it from the cloud?

Are you referring to the carousel on the Kindle Fire, or your actual Cloud on the Kindle Fire, a recent software update gives you the option of removing the book from the carousel. Just press on and hold the book for a moment. You know have 2 options, remove from device and remove from carousel. If it won’t do that for you, try syncing your Fire. Maybe it needs that update still.If you are referring to the cloud where Amazon stores your purchases on their site, you can’t. Once purchased, they reside there forever…hopefully!

How do I remove books from Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi.

I just got the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi addition how do I remove books? I downloaded a bunch of samples but didn’t get the books so I don’t want them on there taking up space, does anyone know how to do this?

Go to the Home Screen on your Kindle. Highlight the book you want, and then click the Right Arrow. A menu will pop up, and Delete this Sample or Delete this Book will show up. Click on that option.

How do i delete books from my kindled.

Kindle fire

Go to your Books menu, or if it’s in the carousel, do this.Press and hold on the book. A second later, a menu will pop up. Choose Remove from Device.

How do I remove a book from a collection on my kindle.

I know it can be done, because when looking at a friend’s kindle, I accidently deleted one from his. However, I can’t figure out how to do that now for mine.

Assuming you have the Kindle 3, go into the collection and press the Menu button. One of the options is Add/Remove from Collection. Select the title you want to remove – it should have a check mark next to it. Press Enter. This should remove the check mark and remove it from the collection.They have good info on organizing your Kindle at…

how do i compleatly remove a book from my kindle.

i am lending my kindle to my mum on holiday and there are some books i don’t really want her to see ‘angus thongs and perfect snogging’ and i want to completely remove this from my kindle, not just put it in archived items!! please help quick i am going on holiday really soon!!!

I don’t think you can completely remove from Archives.You can deregister your Kindle from your current Amazon email address and set up a new Amazon email address and register your Kindle with the new address. Although, I don’t think you will be allowed to transfer your books to the new account (you may want to speak with customer service).Alternatively, buy your Mum the new Kindle for $79 and call it an early holiday present. She can register the Kindle to your account and you can transfer all of the books you want her to have from your account (and not the others) to the new Kindle. Going forward, be sure you don’t send the naughty books to her registered Kindle.Good Luck!

how do I remove books from cloud on my Kindle.

I just got the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch 2nd Gen and I have a book on my cloud that I do not want on there. I deleted it from the manage my Kindle section of and also deleted it from my other Kindle device that I had originally download it too but it is still on my cloud?

The fact you deleted twice from other devices than the cloud suggests to me you haven’t properly enabled the sync feature:…If this is enabled, the first time you deleted the file it should have been synchronized across all devices and cloud. I’ve found the Kindle tech support and the Kindle forums pretty helpful, and if this isn’t the problem you should likely direct your search there.

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  2. How do I remove a device from my Kindle account?

  3. I let a “friend” borrow an old Kindle. Now I cannot get it back. She is charging books to my account. How can I get the device removed from my account?

  4. Cada vez que quiero comprar un Kindle lo compro aquí, siempre están perfectos para regalar, yo ya tengo el mío de Amazon, con un excelente precio el Kindle que compre para mi amiga es muy bonito, muy ligero, con páginas blancas para verlas mejor, al final ha sido otro excelente regalo por un buen precio.

  5. Si buscas un buen regalo o un excelente dispositivo para el propio uso seguramente la mejor solución es un Kindle comprado en Amazon, uno precios excelentes para unos dispositivos aun más excelentes, la oferta lo tienes aquí i just keep on holding down on the book i want to delete on my kindle until its says “remove from device” then i click that and its gone… another way is if you get an usb cord and plug it into your computer something should pop up that gives u an list of options keep on scrolling down until you see “view files” click on that then go down to the option that says books. That’s another way to delete them.

  6. I think u select the book u want to delete and hit menu.. delete this selection I think comes up 🙂

  7. I do not have a Kindle but buy books and read on the Kindle App on my iphone. I quit buying from iTunes because you cannot delete purchases and that doesn’t set well with me at all. Now I find out that Amazon does the same thing. Not a happy camper. I don’t read most books twice and want them GONE! In reality you don’t really purchase anything as it appears you can’t do with it what you wish.

  8. In order to remove from the cloud, while the device is on, select “sync” which is located within settings menu. Usually once you have done this, items would be removed from the cloud. I had the same issue and once I did that, the items no longer appeared in the cloud on the device.

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  12. i don’t have a Kindle yet purchase books and consider on the Kindle App on my iphone. I end procuring from iTunes on the grounds which you could not delete purchases and that doesn’t set nicely with me in any respect. Now i come across out that Amazon does the comparable factor. not a chuffed camper. i don’t examine maximum books two times and choose them long previous! basically you do not possibly purchase something because it seems which you will not do with it what you like.

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