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How Many Books Are In The Fallen Series

How many books will be in the Heroes of Olympus series.

There will be five in all. Two that are already released: Lost hero and Son of Neptune.Then the mark of Athena that is being released in the fall.

how many books are in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Here you go, I have read them all and its a brilliant epic!The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind is great, 11 books and a Spin off book – Debt of BonesWizards First RuleStone of TearsBlood of the FoldTemple of the WindsSoul of the FireFaith of the FallenThe Pillars of CreationNaked EmpireChainfirePhantomConfessor

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How many books are in the Twilight series and what are there names.

I am a big fan of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and I need to know how many books are in the series, their names, and if there are going to be any more coming out. If there are,when? Thanks a lot!!!

1. Twilight2. New Moon3. Eclipse4. Breaking Dawn (Fall of 2008)5. Midnight Sun (No set release date)Breaking Dawn is the last book that tells Bella’s story. Midnight Sun is Twilight but from Edward’s point of view.This is what the author had to say about the books:”1) Breaking Dawn is in the editing phase. It it tentatively set for release Fall 2008. It could be later if we hit a snag in editing. Usually editing takes longer than a few months, but both I and my editors will be putting in lots of overtime to make this happen.2) Midnight Sun is only half-written. It will not be coming out until a while after it’s finished. Don’t expect it anytime soon. I will let you know when the rough draft is finished, and then you can start asking when it is due out. I don’t foresee much chance to work on it until Breaking Dawn is completely finished.3) Forever Dawn (the early, poorly written sequel to Twilight) is not the “steamy” version of Breaking Dawn; I don’t know how that rumor got started. Forever Dawn is not adult as in “XXX.” It is adult as in “not written exclusively for a young adult audience, much like Pride and Prejudice or Gone With the Wind.” There is no steam in Forever Dawn that is not also in Breaking Dawn, so please stop begging me for the “ooh la la” version. It does not exist. I may put some small excerpts of Forever Dawn on my website after Breaking Dawn comes out, but then again, maybe not. It’s not that great. All the best stuff is in Breaking Dawn.4) In regards to the question, “Is Breaking Dawn the last book in the Twilight Saga?” The answer is, “I don’t know.” It’s the last one for a while, at least. Of course there will be Midnight Sun, but that’s covering old material. I’m not sure if I will go forward with the Twilight characters–I’m a little burned out right now. Ask me again in two years.”Check out the author’s website for extras and outtakes from Twilight and New Moon.………

how many books r there going to be in the twilight series.

the question?

There is one more scheduled for release in Fall of 2008. It’s tentatively titled, “Breaking Dawn.”Another mirror book of Twilight from Edward’s point of view is also expected to be released a few months later – maybe spring of 2009. It’s working title is “Midnight Sun” and you can get a taste of this one on Stephenie Meyer’s website. She has details and a draft of the first chapter.I also read a quote from Meyers that said that she didn’t intend to stop writing the story, although she planned to wind up the Bella/Edward story. She said she wanted to “explore” some of the other characters more, so you might see some other related books down the road. (I don’t remember where I read that. Sorry,) Personally, I wish she’d right the whole series from Edward’s point of view ,too.She also has another trilogy coming out. The first installment is due on shelves in spring of 2008. The first book will be “The Host.” Looks like another really interesting love story.

How many books are there in the Death Note manga series.

Thanks :)Jho.

There are 12 volumes for the manga. Volume 13 is called ‘How To Read’. And there is a spin off of the manga that’s about Near investigating an incident where a Death Note had fallen to Earth once again.

How many books are in the Dresden files series.

I’m confused about how many books are in the series. Does the series end with changes or does it continue on? On Wikipedia it says the next book is Side Jobs but it’s nothing but short stories. Then Jim Butcher’s website says that the next book is called ghost stories. Is that the final book? and if it…

“Side Jobs” is the short story collection coming out in the fall. There’s a novella in it called “Aftermath,” which takes place 45 minutes after the end of “Changes” and is from Murphy’s point of view. “Ghost Story” is coming out next year. Jim has stated that he’s got the series plotted out for about 24 books, with the final three being an apocalyptic trilogy.So we’ve got plenty of Harry Dresden goodness to keep us busy for a good many years.

How many books are there in the Mortal Instruments series.

I know there are 4 but is there a 5th or 6th one?

There are four right now, but there are two more on the way.They are in order (Including the ones that are already out):City of BonesCity of AshesCity of GlassCity of Fallen AngelsCity of Lost SoulsCity of Heavenly FireSince the last three books were written (or will be written) mostly to cash in as much as she could from the series, I wouldn’t put it below Cassandra Clare to write even more, so I guess we’ll see how much she can milk the series.

how many books are in the mortal instruments series.

i know there are the city of bones, the city of ashes, the city of glass,city of fallen angels, and the city of heavenly fire………………are there any others and is there going to be any others?

There are six books but only five of the six have been published so far. The first film will be released in 2013.The book series goes in this order, chronologically:1.City of Bones (published March 27, 2007)2.City of Ashes (published March 25, 2008)3.City of Glass (published March 24, 2009)4.City of Fallen Angels (published April 5, 2011)5.City of Lost Souls (published May 8, 2012)6.City of Heavenly Fire (scheduled for March 2014)

How many books are in the Gossip Girl series.

I want to know how many series, books, anything about them. My school library has three Gossip Girl books and The It Girl. I want to read ALL OF THEM. Any info would be appreciated.

Gossip Girl Series;;1.Gossip Girl2.You Know You Love Me3.All I Want Is Everything4.Because I’m Worth It5.I Like It Like That6.You’re the One That I Want7.Nobody Does It Better8.Nothing Can Keep Us Together9.Only In Your Dreams10.Would I Lie to You?11.Don’t You Forget About Me&& The Prequel comes out in October;;12.It Had To Be YouAnd the series also has a TV show coming out this fall on the CW.It Girl Series;;1.The It Girl2.Notorious3.Reckless4.Unforgettable&& coming in November;;5.LuckyI love these books, I’m on the tenth Gossip Girl and 4th It-Girl.They always seem to keep you turning the page to figure out what happens next.Only if you are mature, read these.Believe me, lol.Hope this helps!

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49 thoughts on “How Many Books Are In The Fallen Series

  1. City of Ashes

  2. just one more left! there will be 4 books in all :'( you have fabu taste! i am a giant edward-fanatic. those books are great.

  3. Here’s their order:2 City of Ashes

  4. 1. Gossip GirlToo many.

  5. 4. Because I’m Worth It

  6. 1. Okay, aka Twilight 2. Bad Move Steph, aka New Moon 3. A Bit Better, aka Eclipse 4. Oh No You Didn’t Meyer!, aka Breaking Down- er, Dawn Really, it’s tolerable up to Breaking Dawn and then all hell breaks loose- it’s like a downhill train wreck, only worse.

  7. In fall of 2008 the next book Breaking Dawn will come out and some parts will be from edward’s point of view.I know there are 4 but is there a 5th or 6th one?

  8. only 12 volumes

  9. Clockwork Prince

  10. [/DELDUP]4 – Breaking Dawn – coming out fall 200810. Would I Lie to You?…4 City of Fallen AngelsSix in total

  11. 1 – Midnight Sun – It’s twilight but it’s based on Edward Cullen.

  12. You should read real novels.

  13. happy reading and wait- a- go fellow twilight fan!!

  14. City of Heavenly Fire.11 books have been published so far:4 (Breaking Dawn- 2008)Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn New Moon not published yet but some of it’s on her website x

  15. The 4th book in the series, Breaking Dawn, will be the last one from Bella’s point of view. After that, Stephenie plans to publish book “1.5,” Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward’s point of view. She has said that she plans to take a break from the series after that, but does have outlines for books 5 and 6 from other people’s points of view.

  16. 7. Nobody Does It Better

  17. the new one is called Breaking Dawn, beautiful name

  18. 5 City of Lost Souls (May 8, 2012)…and a 12th is due out this October:and then Midnight Sun, Beautiful name too

  19. 1. Twilight might like the TV series do to the differences in the story telling mediums there are several differences there was a podcast that talked about things like why the TV show used a jeep in stead of a Beetle . I liked the TV series and listen to all the Butcher books my local library have on CD

  20. 2. You Know You Love MeClockwork Angelgossip girl is going to be on the CW TV channel as a new series. I can’t wait! It will be based on the novels.

  21. You left out ‘City of Lost Souls’, and as long as you know that ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ isn’t out yet.2. New MoonThere was a rumour going around for a while that Chuck is Gossip Girl in one of the earlier books (I think the 4th book?) because he’s the one who hands out the invitations for Gossip Girl’s birthday party. However, I remain unconvinced, because every time Gossip Girl talks about her wishlist on her website it’s always girl’s clothes! Heels, dresses, bikinis, handbags etc. I know Chuck is a little feminine but he doesn’t walk around wearing clothes quite like that!

  22. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

  23. 9. Only In Your DreamsClockwork Princess (I don’t think this is out yet, either)

  24. How many books are there in the Mortal Instruments series?I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! there will only be one more :'( (sadly) but hopefully she doesn’t stop there. she says that bella and edwards story is far to extensive and compelling and romancing to drop that there is no way it will be a trilogy only, and since the next book is going to be called breaking dawn, hopefully she thinks that she still can’t stop there!!The order is

  25. 6 City of Heavenly Fire (March, 2014)11

  26. City of Glass5. I Like It Like ThatIt’s a series so there is no final one yet. The most recent is Changes which just came out this month.

  27. 1 City of Bones3 – Eclipse1 – Twilight3 City of Glass12 volumes.

  28. 12. It Had To Be You Coming

  29. RE:then after that the alst one, Midnight Sun will come out.

  30. City of Fallen AngelsThis Site Might Help You.

  31. City of Bones12 books, #13 is just some extra stories.

  32. lucky is going to be the 5th book in the it girl series.6. You’re the One That I Want

  33. If you want more info go to

  34. If you liked these (I did:) then you should know there’s another series by Cassandra Clare. It’s really cool, because it takes place in Victorian England, but you know some characters, like Magnus and Camille, and some of them are referenced in other books.RE:You forgot the City of Lost Souls.I am a big fan of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and I need to know how many books are in the series, their names, and if there are going to be any more coming out. If there are,when? Thanks a lot!!!

  35. Their are twelve, including “Debt of Bones”, the shorter novel that takes place before the series.

  36. [DELDUP()]

  37. Theres Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse , Breaking Dawn( releasing this fall) and Midnight Sun( twilight told from the POV of Edward)

  38. 3. Eclipse3. All I Want Is EverythingCity of Lost Souls

  39. 11. Don’t You Forget About Me8. Nothing Can Keep Us Together

  40. 2 – New Moon

  41. its one more coming out later this year but you have the lost heroand the son of neptune

  42. There are 3 books right now but there will be a total of 5.jim butcher has stated in interviews that the series is going to be about 20 books

  43. For the best answers, search on this site stephenie meyers is writing Midnight Sun…which is Twilight from Edward’s POV….i don’t know if she’s gonna do all 4 or not from Edward’s POV too though…

  44. This Site Might Help You.

  45. How many books are in the Twilight series and what are there names?

  46. Twilight Series Books

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