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Books On How To Stand Up For Yourself

Best books for acting/stand up performing.

Im taking classes atm, but it wouldnt hurt to read books on this topic. Im doing stand up now, Im new to acting and preforming on stage. So whats the best books for acting, presentation when doing stand up, general tips, etc? Thx 🙂

The classes are great – and although there are lots of acting books available, they aren’t much use when you’re a beginner. Read any good novels with interesting characters in them. Read plays. Read them aloud if you can do so without annoying people!And if you have spare time, go people-watching.Sit at a street cafe or in a mall, or a park bench – observe. See how people of all ages and ethnicities move, talk, react, gesture, communicate, and what facial expressions they use. That’s a really useful pastime, and can help loads when it comes to creating a believable character on stage or to camera.Work on your general education and your general knowledge.Good luck!

How to summarize a book.

I am reading a book on Rick Husband the commander who died on space shuttle Columbia. I am wondering how to summarize the 1st 2 chapters in the book? My former english instructor wants me to summarize each chapter in the book to become a better reader.

To make a summary, you need to identify the salient information which will give you a ‘stand alone’ version of the story without all the minor details.For example (and I haven’t read the book, so am only making things up for examples sake) if those chapters are about his early life, you need only use the information important to the book overall (eg: how he became a space commander). So you could say, “Rick Husband wanted to be an astronaut from the time he was twelve. He studied aeronautics and physics at university and graduated with a PhD. He applied to NASA at age 24 and began training for his first mission at 26…” etc.I hope this has helped you write your own summary. Good luck. Free amharic books

How to stand up on a surfboard..

I am new to surfing and I love the ocean I love the feeling of the wave but it seems that I use the surfboard more like boogie board I just cant stand up and I end up riding the wave for 2/3 of the time and when I try to get up I fall flat on my butt. When I get up I seem to get up on the side to much and I cant…

Lessons are the only sensible way to start surfing, either from a professional instructor, or surfing family or friends who are experienced surfers. There are way too many dangerous people in the water now, who THINK they can surf. Please don’t join their ranks.The VERY LAST THING the rest of us experienced surfers want is people to take silly on-line advice, and go down to the beach, grab a surfboard, and go out and get in our way.You can certainly practicing “popping up” on the ground. But it is drastically different when you are doing it on a wave. Actually, a surfboard moving across a wave develops momentum that makes it a relatively stable platform. Get up faster, stay lower, and TAKE A FEW LESSONS. You can only learn how to surf in the water, not in a book or on line. I have been surfing for 43 years, and have had a lifetime worth of fun. Take the time to learn the right way, and you will too. Good luck!……

How to not feel guilt for standing up for myself.

I have a friend who always insults me about many things. Ex: my crush, my dream job, my music, etc. So one day she insults me again on Facebook and I lost my temper and told her how I felt. Then she started posting statuses about me but not directly saying my name. I felt guilty after that. I’m not used to…

You feel guilty because you don’t feel deserving. What makes you undeserving? You probably believe that you’re not worth it, that you don’t need to stand up for yourself because everything they say is probably true, that you’re friend is right about your music, your crush, and your dream job.I’ve got big news for you:1. You are deserving. Period.2. Your friend is a bltch. Big time. She is NOT a friend, she is a person who is using you and crushing your spirit because she feels so low about herself.3. Again, you are deserving. You are deserving of good things. I want you to stand up, look at yourself in the mirror, and repeat this mantra “I love and approve of myself. I am safe. I am deserving of all good things life has coming my way.” You can even hug yourself when you do it. I am so not kidding. Repeat this over and over, for a few minutes, every morning and night for two weeks straight (and even during the day randomly if you want), and let me know if it doesn’t impact your life. However, you have to be sincere when you tell yourself these things. You have to take yourself seriously and treat yourself with love.That’s a quick answer for you, but it takes hard work. I HIGHLY recommend a book that has a chapter SPECIFICALLY on “Liberation from Guilt.” This will help you raise your self-esteem and self-awareness, and will help you realize that you’re completely entitled AND deserving to feel whatever way you feel. The book is “How to Raise Your Self-Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and I consistently recommend it to my clients.Best of luck with everything. You create your own life – choose people who treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated. 🙂

How do you become a Comedian.

Now I know you have to be born with it and I think I have what it takes. But how does it all work? Do you have to have a degree in anything? Acting any of that or do you just start your way up from open mic nights and all that stuff? How to comedians usually come up with jokes? Are there styles and actual…

First, look for books on how to perform comedy, stand-up comedy, and physical comedy. Even if it’s not exactly the kind or style that you want to perform, the principles will be similar. One very good book is “How To Be Really Funny” by Mark Stolzenberg. (No, I’m not him.)Almost all comedy clubs have what is called an “Open Mic Night” which literally means that they open up the microphone for anyone who wants to stand up in front of the crowd and try their material.In addition to comedy clubs, some bars, coffee houses, and Karoake clubs do this as well.Be warned: The stand-up comedy business is VERY tough and competitive. And while you are on “the circuit” paying your dues on the road, it does NOT pay well. Some club owners try to get out of paying the amounts they said they would. Some stand-up comics (the ones who believe they are superstars who just haven’t gotten their “big break” yet) are bitter and cynical, and resort to back-stabbing and bad-mouthing. Not all are like that, but some are, and even a few bad experiences like that can temp you to become that way yourself.You should develop a thick skin and an “I can rise above all this” attitude, and be prepared to take a lot of poor treatment by other comics, comedy club owners, and especially from drunk audiences. The business is not for people who get their feelings hurt easily.I wish you much success, but it will be a tough road. I hope you make it.

staying quiet.. then standing up for yourself ..& anger lol.

Hey peoples! just wondering if any of your friends or family etc tell you to stand up for yourself when something bad happens to you..And then WHEN YOU DO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF they luk at you like…. oh my gosh ur so mean! lolz!anyway what do you thinks worse… a quiet person building up there anger inside…

I’ll bet your friends and family don’t tell you HOW to stand up for yourself. I had to learn that there were effective ways and damaging ways to stand up for myself, but it took a book to teach me:When I Say No I Feel Guilty, by Manuel J. SmithIf you can’t find it at the book store (it’s kind of an old book), it’s available online. It makes everything absolutely plain and easy to understand. And it’s fun to practice! 🙂 The first time you stand up for yourself and get what you need without raising your voice or insulting anyone is an amazing thing.Anyway, keeping it all in can make you sick, give you ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, pain, headaches, need I go on?Have fun.

Any suggestions for a good book to read.

I need a book to read for my book report. I’m looking for something tat makes you think change your view on the world.a book that screams its opinion to the world. a book that is controversial. Something about bullying or standing up for your self or about how stereotypes don’t fit us ir about someone…

I hope i’ve got the right idea, these four books are all from young people’s view, with a theme of moral strength and standing up for your family or lived ones:The Help by Kathryn Stockett- About racism ( so so good)The Hunger Games by Suzzanne Collins- For teenagers no doubt, standing up for family and love onesTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee- racism, more hard goig than the two aboveThe Secret life of Bee’s- Girl runs away from abusive father with her black maid, emotional!!Hope this helps! Enjoy

How to create a joke book for stand up acts.

How to create joke book in prepartion for Stand up comedy act.

make a book with how many pages you want and than write some jokes that not only you but will make others laugh to and than put them together and make sure their no mistakes and that they are good enough to make people laugh than post them on yahoo answers and than see people’s reactions to them.

How to stand up for yourself without confrontations.

When people annoy me I have to say something. It’s the fact I have to say something I’m sick of doing over and over again. I don’t argue, I confront them in assertive manner. Even then, I’m sick of it.

Cope. Initially, it’s important to cope when you’re annoyed with another person so that you don’t let your sour face or barbed remarks alert them to your annoyance. After you’ve coped will come the time for reflection on the annoyance and what it means for you and your approach to others. When you feel the annoyance getting to you, do the following:Breathe deeply and shut your eyes briefly. Calmly count to ten, slowly. Imagine yourself on the beach. Let the internal sound of waves and seagulls wash over you. Feel the mist of the seawater on your face and let it calm you. Or your most calming memory maybe even a really happy one.Open your eyes and concentrate on something other than the person who is annoying you. Look at your hands, a poster, your computer screen, people across the street – whatever takes your sight away from the person bothering you. This will give time to think calmly and to take your mind off the person. Delaying your reaction will help you to realize the pointlessness of flying off the handle at them, or at treating the situation too seriously.Talk to the other person when you feel calmed or less irritable. If you find that this person is continuing to annoy you, figure out whether it’s a good idea to ask them to stop doing whatever they’re doing that’s bothering you, or whether you just need a temporary break. Either way, you’ll need to talk, even if it’s just to excuse yourself. If you do want to ask them to stop doing whatever it is they’re doing, avoid saying anything like, “Shut the **** up, man you’re annoying!” Try not to swear or make fun back because this will make things worse and it’s probable in many cases that this person doesn’t even get the extent to which they’ve rattled your cage. Be strong and politely tell them that what they’re doing is bothering you.Check your facial and body language. Frowns, glaring, and other unpleasant body language conveys anger and contempt. And it’s contagious, so if it’s targeted at the person who is annoying you, they’re likely to feel angry too and things can escalate. Maintain a calm and collected demeanor without facial expressions that suggest you’re annoyed or displeased.Identify what is bothering you. Know what sets you off and learn how to not react, as well as dealing with the underlying issues. It’s usually obvious who is bothering you – the noisy chatterbox, the bragging backstabber, or the constant complainer who follows your every error and turns a molehill into a mountain. It’s also important to identify the what that is bothering you – what precisely about their behavior is causing you to feel so annoyed that you feel ready to explode or snap at them? Working out the real reason underlying the annoyance will enable you to target responses that will be effective in both solving the problem that annoys you and causes you to find that particular person so annoying. In other words, separate the problem from the person.Be conscious that being annoyed by another person’s traits can be based in your own lack of patience or understanding. In some cases, annoyance is driven by a sense of superiority, as when we quip “How stupid those people are!”, or “Does he have to be so daft?”, wherein we automatically assume we’re smarter without ever knowing the full story, or the personal issues that drive the person to act the way they do.Consider shaking your life up a bit. Being annoyed can be a sign that you’re too deeply entrenched in your comfort zone and woe betide anyone else who steps into it, however unknowingly. Shake things up a bit to expand your comfort zone now and then. Rearrange your bedroom furniture, read books by authors who challenge you, move house, start new hobbies, take a trip overseas, start volunteering, or get a new job. Changing something in your life that shifts you out of your comfort zone and into new territory can reduce your levels of annoyance and crank up your compassion for others, as you realize that it’s easy to complain and assume but a lot less easy to do something to alleviate the annoyance.

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19 thoughts on “Books On How To Stand Up For Yourself

  1. Its about Bobby Griffith a young gay man who commits suicide because his parents and family did not accept him. His mother then becomes a gay rights atavist and changes her views on the world and her religion. Its very good and I love it 🙂

  2. Prayers For Bobby by Leroy F. AaronsThirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This is my all time favorite book and it would be perfect. It’s about a girl who commits suicide, but before she dies she records all these tapes about why she chose to end her life and mails them to the people she blames. It’s amazing, very controversial, a very moving story, and makes you change your view on the world. And cry a little too. 🙂 Good Luck with your book report!

  3. Wish I could answer your question with a title, but I can’t. My best suggestion is to talk with your town or school young adult librarian.

  4. Think of stuff that’s funny and then write it down. Then… Bam, you’re done!

  5. Ahh yes the pop up(the motion of going from paddeling to lieing postion). Here are a couple things you can do to get better at popping up.

  6. good luck out there

  7. i wouldnt feel guilty they started. they were mean to you first!

  8. The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath

  9. Draw the outline of your board on the ground or use your board just be careful of the fins. Lie on it and use your hand to pop to standing position. Try to make sure your feet are on the center line of the board your back foot over the fins and your front foor in about the dead center of the baord. Do this as many times as you can then move it to the ocean and see what happens.

  10. feel guilt but still stand up for yourself and the more you do it the more natural it will feel until your bench mark changes to normal.

  11. You need therapy, beut meanwhile you need to avoid anybody who diminishes you. You need to avoid any bully in order to allow your self-esteem to start healing. Emotional violence is akin to physical violence: every time the bully diminishes you, it’s like they’d punched you in the face: you would not accept any “friend” who punches you in the face, so why do you accept a bully to insult you. The damage is actually much deeper when it’s emotional abuse.

  12. I suggest investing some money – get surf lessons, they will get you standing up in one lesson probably.

  13. Harry Potter

  14. Honestly, I don’t take a lot of crap from anyone. I used to keep quiet about other people’s snarky or outright rude comments. NEVER did me any good. All I would do later is berate myself for what I SHOULD have said. Now, if someone asks me, I warn them ahead of time that I do not sugar coat anything. You want to know, then I’m gonna tell ya. I can keep my opinions to myself……so long as I’m not asked. After being quiet and taking crap for so many years, I had an anger issue. I would never hurt anyone, but heaven help the furniture within reach. It took me a very long time, but now I can say something when I’m angry, without it being offensive. When it comes down to it: I’d rather be considered a b*tch than a push over any day. I tell my family to stay out of it when it has nothing to do with them; considering they’re all gossips. I guess they think I should care what they have to say. It’s never anything good or positive, so why the h*ll should I consider it!?

  15. The Surfboard Man

  16. I’m sure you’ve already read _To Kill a Mockingbird_?

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