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How To Remove Foxing From Books

What is a book on the shinto belief system.

I once got a book on this matter and it was a book on shinto spirituality and I don’t want such a thing to happen again.What is the connection between shintoism and aikido.Is there any difference between shinto afterlife and the buddhist concept of reincarnation.

I’m not sure how you can disconnect the spirituality from the belief system in any religion, however two books you might try are:The Fox and the JewelA Year in the Life of a Shinto ShrineAnd this web site:…Basically Shinto has four tenets:1. Respect for family.2. Respect for nature.3. Cleanliness of body and mind.4. Celebration of the harmony between humanity and nature through the Kami.Shinto doesn’t have much to say about the afterlife because that’s not where it’s focus is. Shinto is about being happy in this life and living in harmony with nature and society. Shinto rituals are designed to remove the contamination picked up from negative thoughts, actions, and contact with unclean substances such as blood.To the extent that martial arts such as aikido help to bring harmony to life they connect with Shinto. Some dojos have a Kamidana where a Shinto ritual is performed before and after practice.Here is a website for a Shinto Shrine that also teaches aikido: Shinto recognizes other religions’ Gods as just another Kami, there is no problem with having a second or third religion. Many Shintoists are also Buddhists. Those that are use Shinto for the life-affirming events and Buddhism for funerals.

how to store food in the wild.

Okay so my grandpa is a mountain man from virginia, lived off possom and whatever they could catch, daddy made moonshine, got their water from a spring ( got a pumphouse now) Down in the holler boonies style. Knows all that crazy *** native american hunting tracking survival ****. ( reservation his great great…

Debbie gave an informative (cut and paste) answer.I have studied wilderness survival all the way back to Arkansas in the 1960s when relatives taught me the Appalachian ways of their ancestors. A good series of books on the old ways was called Fox Fire.…Anyway from that time through my time in the Rockies learning from real mountain men till now in Alaska learning from Natives I have amassed lots of survival skills and info. So I advise you to search the net for such information especially how people like the Inuit stored food.Never ever put fresh meat in rivers, lakes or streams. And make sure you use clean water to wash meat with. If its river water boil it to kill the bacteria and then let it cool before you use it. Otherwise dirty water will fill the meat with harmful bacteria and can cause spoilage very fast. You can hang you meat for a week or longer at the right temperature. Links on this process;……So if you were in a survival situation and the temperatures allowed it you could hang meat for days. Or if you found a cave where the air was cold enough to age meat that will do. But caves can have bats and bat crap will ruin meat. Primitive man ran the bats out by smoking them out and if a smoky fire was kept near the cave opening they will stay out.Smoke drying meat will preserve meat for a long time if you keep it dry. If you brine it even longer.On primitive ways to store meat; some ‘modern’ ways work fine if you have the stuff to do it such as pressure canning in mason jars or pickling meat. The wife and I do this every year. The nice thing about pressure canned meat is its already cooked and ready to eat.Study carefully the processes involved because if you don’t do it just right you can get very sick or even die from food poisoning. Forget the hammock idea just read up on the proper way to age meat.Edit; I want to add the best way to ‘survive’. Build your shelter first and locate it near the best hunting and gathering area. And its smart to have a spot for a wild garden later on. Then build a smoke house. This can be just a teepee frame with hides or tarps over it. Animals LOVE smoking meat. Every bear, raccoon and scavenger will smell that for miles. Take advantage of this by setting up traps and snares around your smoke ‘house’ and shelter. Rats mice and other vermin will try to get into your stored food, you must prevent this or all your work will be wasted. Gather all the wild seeds, fruit and plants that you can dry out for food later. Planning ahead is the key to survival. If you wait until you need something your screwed. In nature its all about timing. Right now the wife and I are catching salmon and canning, smoking them for winter. They will be gone soon. So in nature if you get lazy you go hungry. You have to be right up on things. Winter provides time to make gear, weapons, tools and clothes. Make each day count.Winter is also the best time to trap animals for their thick pelts for clothes. And you can freeze fish and meat by covering with layers of water that freeze to prevent it drying out. One layer leaves, then a layer of fish, let freeze, coat with layers of ice, more leaves, more fish, more ice, cover all with snow or lots of leaves. The leaves allow you to remove the frozen fish in layersNice forum on this stuff;

Read books online free

Why is a 351 Windsor engine from a 1974 gran tourino a better engine than others for building a stroker engine.

Why is it a better engine than other 351 windsors say from the 80s and 90s. Want to build a stroker engine up to 408cu inch for fox body mustang and have heard they are better than others why. What’s different. Should I keep it with it’s original hydraulic lifters or change to solid. Thank you

The change would have to be in how much material is around the cylinders for machining. My Ford books don’t mention that. They do say that starting in 1977 when the clutch pivot boss was removed.But you might want to check out the “Engine Block Casting Tech” and other information at Ford Performance (…The best heads are the Boss Heads, or the 351C heads (these require some modification and special parts). Given a choice on lifters, go with a roller cam and roller lifters. Don’t forget the wind-age tray and crank wipers.The current 351 W block sold by Ford can be pushed to 427 ci!

How do I potty train my terrier.

I have a 3 year old Minature Fox Terrier that I adopted after she was removed from an abusive and neglectful home. She was never potty trained, and I’m trying to do that now. The problem is that she will be potty trained 100% one day and then act like she’s never heard of it the next. More often than not, she…

The book “Potty Training is Possible” is fabulous. it is only available at Petsmart, but it covers several ways to potty train (all without aversives). Additionally, a copy of “Before you get your puppy” by Ian Dunbar is available online as a free download and has a really good chapter on potty training. Ian Dunbar is considered the father of modern dog training. See the following link and scroll to page 37. Also see earlier in the book “if you really want a training challenge” It talks about the situation you are in. If she soiled her kennel before you got her it will be tough, but I suspect you are skipping a lot of steps and not really fully potty training her. You cannot call a dog potty trained until she has been accident-free for 14 days.

What plan does the USA have to remove the radiation from Fallujah,or is the plan to let the locals all die….

…of cancer? The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, a leading medical journal, published a study, ‘Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009,’ by Chris Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi. Their survey of 4,800 individuals in Fallujah showed a…

You best guide on this matter would to see how the USA handled Agent Orange claims after the Vietnam War.

How to learn English..

I am a middle student from China.Now English is one of the most important subjects in our class.As everybody knows English is used in many places.So many students in China want to learn English well.But it’s very hard for me to learn it well.So I want to know how to learn English well?I hope someone can answer…

Dear Chen S,What you can do to improve your english with grammar is to read a lot of english stuff. You should have some high standard and reliable english books of your interest in your library. Reading one page daily is better than reading seven pages weekly. Listen to english news as Fox news, BBC news, CNN, bloomberg etc. Among them, BBC is the best. Listen to the english news even if you do not understand it thoroughly. Once you will get used to it, you will start getting everything. Did you ever think that how you learned your own native language? Just by hearing the people around you. So in the same fashion, you can also learn English. First of all, you need input, and only then you will be able to produce output. The more you get input, the more your output will be. Listening to english music and watching english movies can also help. Regarding vocabulary, you can build it up by starting with 3 words daily. Remove dust from your dictionary and start using it and make a separate notebook for every new word, phrase or sentence you learn. In this way, you will be able to revise all the words you have learnt. If you learn three new words daily then at the end of year, you will have learnt 1095 new words!.. Make sure that the dictionary you use should be monolingual and it should have exemplary sentences with word enteries. When you read books, read it with loud voice so that you can get used to it. Pay good attention to your accent as it is your accent which impresses most of the people. There are many English CDs for improving your accent.I hope it answers the question!!Ammara

How can I slow the deterioration of my books.

I am an avid book coleector and I some books that are 50+ years old. How can I keep them in the best shape possible? Don’t some books have acid that makes them get yellow, and get spots and wear? How can I slow this?

The older books are more likely to hold up than recent books. Better quality paper was used before the war. I notice the 1940s books that I have turned yellow and brittle from the poor paper quality during that time.Here’s what suggests:Store books out of direct sunlight, as UV will cause the spines and dust jackets to fade. Large, heavy books should be stored flat, although that isn’t always possible. Dust your books often.How to Store Books ProperlyProper storage of your books can mean the difference between a valuable collection of fine copies and a disappointing batch of “reading copy” books, marked by mildew, foxing and broken spines.Books should be stored at a moderate temperature (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) and at 50% humidity.Whenever possible, keep books on a sturdy bookshelf.Shelve books upright.Never shelve books too tightly. One risks damaging the book when replacing it or removing it from the shelf.Store books toward the front of bookshelves. This promotes proper air circulation and prevents musty odors from forming.Avoid storing books near a heater, or in direct sunlight, as books may be damaged by extreme temperatures and harsh lighting.Stick a few whole cloves in the corners of bookshelves to prevent mildew.Dust your books at least once a year by removing each volume from the shelf and, while the volume is tightly closed, brushing away dust with a soft, wide paint brush.For maximum protection, consider purchasing a glass enclosed bookcase.

Sunni Brothers and Sisters. , i am going to ask you one of the most controversial answer from Sunni Book..

REFERENCE:SUNNI AALIM Ibn al Hadeed wrote in Sharh Ibn al Hadeed Khutbah page Fadak Volume 4 page 110:Ahmad bin Abdul Aziz narrates that Sayyida Fatima appeared before the Court ofAbu Bakr, and after the ruling on Fadak she gave a sermon wherein she madereference to her…

OK forget about this sourceWhat do think about these sourcesWhich one is true?Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 53, Number 325:Narrated ‘Aisha: (mother of the believers) After the death of Allah ‘s Apostle Fatima the daughter of Allah’s Apostle asked Abu Bakr As-Siddiq to give her, her share of inheritance from what Allah’s Apostle had left of the Fai (i.e. booty gained without fighting) which Allah had given him. Abu Bakr said to her, “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophets) leave is Sadaqa (to be used for charity).” Fatima, the daughter of Allah’s Apostle got angry and stopped speaking to Abu Bakr, and continued assuming that attitude till she died. Fatima remained alive for six months after the death of Allah’s Apostle.PLEASE DO NOT SAY THAT ALL THESE SUNNI BOOKS ARE BOOK OF LIES1. al Imama wa al Siyasa pages 18-30 Dhikr Bayya Abu Bakr2. Tareekh Abul Fida Volume 1 page 156 Dhikr bayya Abu Bakr; we relied on the Urdu translation by Maulana Kareem’ud Deen al Hanafi pages 177-179;3. Iqd al Fareed page 1794. Tareekh al Tabari Volume 13 page 1818 Dhikr Wafaath Nabi, we relied on the English translation Volume 9 page 1875. al-Istiab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr Volume 1 page 246 Dhikr Abdullah in Abi Quhafa6. Sharh ibn al Hadeed Volume 1 page 1577. Al Mihal wa al Nihal Volume 1 page 77, Dhikr Nizameeya8. Muruj adh-Dhahab by Abd al-Hasan Ali ibn al-Husayn al Masudi Volume 3 page 1989. Izalath ul Khifa by Al Muhaddith Shah Waliyullah Dehlavi Volume 2 page 226 (Urdu translation, Qur’an Mehal publishers, Karachi)10. al Bayana Izalathul Khifa Volume 2 page 2911. Tareekh Kamil by Ibn Atheer Volume 11 page 11312. Tareekh Ahmadi by Ahmad Husayn Khan Sahib pages 111-11213. Taufa Ithna Ashari, by al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi page 292 Dhikr Muthain Umar14. Al Murthada by Hafidh Abdul Rahman al Hanafi page 45 (Amritsar edition)15. Mukhthasar Kanz al Ummal bur Hushiya Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal Volume 2 page 184 (Egypt).16. Kitab Mukhthasar fi Ahbar al Bashar Volume 1 page 15617. Tahqeeq Mubashraab Sunni page 110 bu Maulana Waheedudin Khan al Hanafi18. Ansar Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582-58619. Tareekh Ya’qubi, v2, p11620. Fathul Aineen page 8821. al Faruq Volume 1 page 92 Dhikr Saqeefa Bani Sa’ada22. Ruh al Mustafai Volume 3 page 36When the people heard Fatima’s voice and her anguish they left in grief weeping, fearing that their hearts would be torn apart Only Umar and some others remained, the rest returned to their homes. They removed ‘Ali from his home by force and brought him before Abu Bakr, and said ‘Give him bayya’. Umar said:’By Allah, who alone is worthy of worship, I shall otherwise strike off your neck’.’Ali replied:’Would you kill a Slave of Allah (swt) and the brother of the Prophet?’Umar replied ‘I accept that to you are a Slave of Allah, but not that you are the brother of the Prophet (ie he accuses Ali (as) of lying)’.Abu Bakr remained silent, and Umar said:’Why are you not demanding the bayya from him?’Abu Bakr replied ‘As long as Fatima is by his side, I shall not pressure him’.Then ‘Ali went to the grave of Rasulullah, embraced it crying aloud ‘Your Ummah now considers me to be weak and they wish to murder me’.Meanwhile Umar said to Abu Bakr ‘Accompany me to see Fatima as we have incurred her anger’.They both wanted to see Fatima and so they approached ‘Ali, who took them to see her. He [‘Ali] sat them down but Sayyida Fatima turned her face away from them. They both conveyed salaam to Fatima but she did not reply. Hadhrath Abu Bakr then said ‘Beloved daughter of Rasulullah (s) I love you more than my own daughters, and I cannot tolerate the fact that I remained alive on the day that your father had died. I know your exalted rank and status, but I did not uphold your claim for possessions as Rasulullah had stated ‘Our property will not be inherited, whatever we (i.e. prophets) leave is Sadaqa (to be used for charity)’.Fatima said ‘If I remind the two of you about a hadith that you are aware of, will you then act in accordance with it?’The two said ‘Yes, do tell us’.She said ‘I want you to swear by Allah if you can testify to hearing this hadith:”Fatima’s happiness is my happiness and her anger is my anger. Whoever has maintained friendship with Fatima had maintained friendship with me, whoever upsets her, upsets me”.Both confirmed hearing this hadith from Rasulullah(s). Sayyida Fatima then said:I testify before Allah (swt) and his Angels that you (Abu Bakr and Umar) have upset me, you did not keep me happy and I shall complain to Rasulullah (s) about this when I see him.Abu Bakr then said ‘I seek protection from Allah’s anger and your (the Prophet (saws)’s) anger’. At that moment tears filled Abu Bakr’s eyes and Sayyida Fatima said:’I shall curse you in every prayer

How to get rid of a dirty smell of a book.

Ok so I have a bag, it smelled alot like fish because I forgot to take out the bread of my bag, so I washed it and it smelled better after washing it, but here s the real problem, I had alot of books in it and I tried almost everything to get the smell out of my books, I tried deodorant on it, I tried strong…

Check dampness. Dampness, wetness and soaking of a book is the primary cause of mildew or mustiness in a book, providing an ideal growth medium for mold, bacteria or fungus (which all smell bad). Regardless of the cause of excess moisture left on books, moisture causes pages to stick together and nurtures mildew. Dropping the book in the bath causes total havoc, and leaving a book next to a damp wall causes gradual mildew growth. Storage of books results in bad odors from mildew. If you don’t know whether the book has been wet in the past, telltale signs include:Pages stuck together (especially the edges), but it can be the whole way through. Chunks of pages can be stuck together, leaving others to freely turn.Discoloration; brown or black speckling, yellowing.Mildew or mold growing on the spine or cover of the book, especially if the book is old and the cover is made from organic material, i.e. leather or paper.Mildew or musty smell, like a damp cellar/basement.AdRemove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 22Cigarette smoke damage. Another cause of musty odor is exposure to cigarette smoke. Books will look yellowed, speckled (brown spots running up and down page edges and often across inner pages of book; also known as “foxing”) and there may be a stinky smoky odor as well as a musty one, depending on how long the book was in the smoky location (being absorbent, book paper can stink of cigarette smoke for years).AdPart 2 of 5: Fixing Immediate Sources of DampnessRemove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 31If upon picking up the book, you can feel it is damp and see wet or damp pages clumping together, deal with it immediately. The longer a book is left, the harder it will be to fix and the more likely mildew will grow.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 42Stand the book upright on a table. Fan out the pages gently. If your fingers can’t disentangle pages without ripping, use a letter opener and tweezers to separate. Alternatively, blow into the pages from the top to fan the pages out. Apply one strip of adhesive tape over the fan to keep the pages separated.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 53Let stand to dry in a warm spot free of moisture. Ensure that every page is nice and dry.You could try direct sunlight if the book isn’t valuable. However, direct sunlight may fade the book, and especially for older, valuable books, could lead to disintegration, discoloration and curling up of the pages permanently. Warmth but not direct sunlight is the best approach.AdPart 3 of 5: Using an Absorbent to Remove OdorsIt’s assumed that by this stage, you’ve dried the book and you want it to be odor-free so it can be read. Remember, dust introduced by these methods may linger in the book and cause damage down the line.1Try silica. You can purchase silica from an arts and crafts store.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 62Try kitty litter. You will need a large container, like a Rubbermaid tub and a smaller container, as well as an absorbent, like baking soda, cat litter, or charcoal.Fill the larger container halfway with kitty litter.Place the smelly book or books at the bottom of the smaller container. Place the container above the kitty litter inside the larger container.Seal the larger container tightly, and leave the book to sit in the absorbent for a few days.Check every few days. If the odor has gone, remove the book or books and dust off (a new paintbrush is ideal for dusting). If not, repeat until the book smells better.Store in a clean, dry place to avoid reintroducing mildew.Activated charcoal or charcoal briquettes can be substituted for kitty litter in the method outlined above. Just be careful not to bring the book into direct contact with the charcoal or it may sustain blackening marks.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 73Try baking soda. Place a cup of baking soda into a plastic box or bin. Place the book or books (this method is good for more than one book) inside and seal the lid well. Leave for 48-72 hours, then check. Repeat until the odor has gone.Another approach if you live where it’s dry heat and sunny: Sprinkle baking soda between the pages, perhaps every 10 pages or so. Leave the book open in the sunshine for a few days in a row, turning pages often (bring in at night). Sniff to see if it has improved and continue until it smells better. This won’t work on all mildew or musty odors, but it can be helpful for some. (Be sure not to leave the book exposed to wind or rain.) This is not advised for valuable or antique books, or those already showing notable page yellowing or brittleness; it may make the book’s condition worse.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 84Place newspaper between the pages. Place a sheet of newspaper between every few pages of the book. Do not use on valuable or old books, only cheaper ones (newspaper is acidic and it may transfer ink to the book).Scrunch up balls of newspaper and toss inside a resealable plastic container or bag.Place the book in and cover with the lid.Leave for 3-5 days.Remove all the newspaper. The book will, hopefully, smell better. Do not leave books wrapped in newspaper, as this can harm the book long-term.AdPart 4 of 5: Hiding the Odor1Sometimes, no matter what else you have tried, the odor lingers. You can try to mask the smell and hope that it makes reading the book bearable. Note that none of the following should be done with a valuable old book as perfumes and chemicals can introduce elements harmful to the book’s paper. A musty or mildew odor might be better than ending with a crumbling book!This is not an approach that will preserve the book. In fact, the below approaches may damage the book if used long-term.If this is something you will try to conserve, you will need to consult a professional.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 92Use fabric softener sheets. These sheets absorb odors from fabric and they can do so for books, too. Try the following:Cut a bunch of sheets into thirds, and put one between every 20 pages or so in the smelly book.Keep the book in a zipper bag a few days, then the musty smell should be gone.This method is good for “preventing” the musty smell of books as well––just put a piece of a fabric softener sheet in every fifth book, or so, on your bookshelf.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 103Cut a small square of fresh, fragrant drawer liner. Place inside of book. You may like to use 2-3 pieces, depending on the size of the book.Place inside a resealable plastic bag. Let sit in a dry spot for a week or two.Check now and then to see if the fresh odor has been transferred to the book. Continue until the book smells better.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 114Use strong essential oil. Add drops of an essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus or tea-tree oil to cotton balls. Place in a resealable plastic bag. Add the book and seal. Remove after a few days. The book should smell like the essential oil. Because of the risk of oil spots, only do this with less valuable books that you want to read, such as moldy-but-useful textbooks.AdPart 5 of 5: Future StorageRemove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 121Check storage areas before storing books. The storage area should be dry, not too hot and not too cold, as cold encourages dampness and heat dries out paper, causing it to crumble. Excessive humidity is bad, so find storage with low humidity or reduce the humidity. Do not place plastic containers in direct sunlight or near heat sources where they may develop condensation, which would drip onto your stored books!Ensure bookcases are not against cold, moldy and damp walls.Check the attic or basement for leaks, mildew and dampness.Check storage facility for bad odors and signs of mildew or dampness before signing up to storage.Remove the Mildew Smell from Books Step 132Use appropriate storage containers.Choose plastic boxes if the storage area is prone to leaks or dampness. Also, add silica gel sachets in case of condensation.Don’t over fill bookshelves. Ensure adequate air circulation between books.Add clear dust jackets. These keep moisture away from book. It’s easier to replace dust jackets than the book cover or its binding.

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  1. To preserve meat by drying, cut it into 6-millimeter strips with the grain. Hang the meat strips on a rack in a sunny location with good air flow. Keep the strips out of the reach of animals and cover them to keep blowflies off. Allow the meat to dry thoroughly before eating. Properly dried meat will have a dry, crisp texture and will not feel cool to the touch.Its Not Quran Neither Hadees So how can u Expect Someone to Believe !!

  2. And he said, “Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people” [Saheeh, At-Tabaranee].

  3. the only thing that backed up what abu bakr claimed (after prophets everything they own goes to charity) was what he said himselfJust about everything you need to know in this arena.

  4. now let me ask you thee questions you’ve aksed to yourselfWhen my Companions are mentioned then withhold” [Saheeh, at-Tabaranee].-and who is this ‘Abu Jafar Yahya bin Abi Zaid Basree ‘?? isnt ‘BASREE’ a family from iraq? isnt he also a shiaa? so u wanna give me hadith that a shiaa imagined while he was dreaming or doing maybe laundry?

  5. thanksUnlike Hiroshima, the US did not nuke Falluja.

  6. This could take a little while. If she has been abused and neglected she probably has never learned to trust humans. This will be the key with teaching her anything and everything. Start by building the trust with her. Always use a positive reinforcement method whenever training any dog, especially a dog that has come from this situation.

  7. [/DELDUP]Where ever you’ll see Jafar most of the time it means Shia source full stop.

  8. start from there:)

  9. was there anyone from Bani Hashem in the “shura”?try unused coffee grounds.

  10. u said u had these questions and u didnt read the whole answer..u mean that if u read more u will have more smart questions…all of them regard you as liars and the worst sects of the Ummahi gtg now…so no time to answer u back…Cut along each leg from above the foot to the previously made body cut. Remove the hide by pulling it away from the carcass, cutting the connective tissue where necessary. Cut off the head and feet.Smoking Meat

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  14. I know some people used to store their meat in a barrel of salt. I am not sure if they smoked it first.

  15. what abu bakr had said is COMPLETLY against the Holy QuranP.S.

  16. And he also said, “Do not abuse my Companions, for if any of you were to spend gold equal to (mountain of) Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that” [al-Bukharee, Muslim].where was Bani Hashem?First of all…congragulations on your new family member. I have a lot of respect for people who take on animals that are in need of some TLC.i would appreciate it if you could be a little respectful

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  18. but just wanna ask u…do u think i should be now like scared?

  19. 4) You are always posting questions saying the sahabah are this or that, (nauzubillah, kafir or murtard). As a Shia, you should be ashamed of yourself. Even if you don’t like the sahabah, don’t you know the ahadith in relation to the companions? I will post only a few of several below with real references (which is more than I can say for your biased source):May Allah (swt) grant us all the understanding to strive upon the Haq.

  20. so this abou ja’far was an ennemie to abou baker but yet he had the skills to know who abou baker meant??what was Imam Ali (as) when they were arguing over power?I would respectfully suggest you read a couple of books and watch some videos on raising and training dogs. Also, I recommend two TV shows, “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel, and “It’s Me or the Dog,” with Victoria Stillwell, on Animal Planet. Both programs are very instructive and often deal with the issues you raise here. Good luck!

  21. no, thanks, i only read a few line of your answer and got all these questionsDid you notice that those researchers made no mention of discovering radiation in that city? Since radiation is very easy to detect – shouldn’t somebody have actually found some by now? Another thing that you have to remember is that 1) DU was not used in the battle of Falluja (DU is ussed to penetrate heavy armor, against light armor or unarmored targets it is virtually useless) 2) The human health effects of DU have been extensively studies and the diseases you mention are not those caused by DU.Place similar sized books, next to each other on the shelf vertically, packing them neither too loosely or tightly.Avoid using clips,pens,and rubberbands.and also, the wives of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HF) inherited the apartments, and also abu bakr, omar and authman inherited the ring of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HF)and tell me do u want me to believe that the sahaba that in time of prophet was a siddik and was loved by the prophet(alayhi salat wa salam) spoke in these words: ‘tails, fox, fornicators and stupid’..are u serious? where they wearing mask all there life with the prophet(alayhi salat wa salam)?? and why the prophet(alayhi salat wa salam) choosed them from all the population if they are horrible like that?Another thing that you should have considered is their claims of an ‘increase.’ In order to show an increase you have to have conducted a similar study in the past at the same location to create your baseline. Or you have to conduct an identical study on a polulation living in a similar polluted enviornment whose only difference is that there had been no combat in that could u believe in what a person like that says?

  22. see how u shiaa, see something and than mess with the false hadith theres no curse..—-that if im gonna believe it—-but yet u said the word curse..its an insult not a [email protected] girl-if what u are saying is true…so where was ali(ra)…busy?? u shiaa keep talking about how ali(ra) is the courage man(well he is of course) but u shiaa JUST TALK but NEVER REFLECT it..u always show him as a weak person that a cat ate his dinner…u say that omar(ra) killed fatima(ra) and like he will let this happen…nway back to ur q. so where was ali(ra) and how did he let someone talks like that about his wife and himself?SUNNI AALIM Ibn al Hadeed ???i have never seen any authentic source that backs up what abu bakr had saidim waiting for your answerCut larger game into manageable pieces. First, slice the muscle tissue connecting the front legs to the body. There are no bones or joints connecting the front legs to the body on four-legged animals. Cut the hindquarters off where they join the body. You must cut around a large bone at the top of the leg and cut to the ball and socket hip joint. Cut the ligaments around the joint and bend it back to separate it. Remove the large muscles (the tenderloin) that lie on either side of the spine. Separate the ribs from the backbone. There is less work and less wear on your knife if you break the ribs first, then cut through the breaks.

  23. wow u think im stupid??The best way to potty train is to take her outside every 10 mins until she goes to the bathroom. Give her at least 5 mins outside each time. Try to do this around the time when she usually goes to the bathroom.Hit the library and look for a series of books called Foxfire Books…Amazon carries them.

  24. Hmmmm, sounds like WMD’s are buried there.gtg now…so take ur time reading…

  25. -where was banou hachem, who are the siblings of fatima(ra) where there also busy somewhere? or u want me to believe that all banou hachem was affraid from abou baker?Hope that helps a little!

  26. I looked up the reference. I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re gravely mistaken. for 4 reasons:why didnt they speak? why didnt they defend ali(ra) and fatima(ra) if this hadith is true??????Ho boy a study by some guys named Malak Hamdan ans Enstesar Ariabi about radiation left by the great Satan my sounds like good reading

  27. btw u messed with ur own (false) hadith…..u put the hadith and in ur note..u said ‘who curse’see Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 72, Number 767as a sunni sister i have always respected you and always will3) The author of this book is an Aalim. An Aalim is nothing as compared to a Mufti. Their learning is worlds apart, and their knowledge more in depth. And for the sake of argument, I’m again assuming that this person is a Sunni here.Other Preservation Methodsnice WORK..(NOT REALLY)The acid was part of the processing of paper in the past, so the books are going to deteriorate. You’ve got lots of good advice here. I also cover my books with a curtain over the bookcase. This keeps out dust and is also good Feng Shui 🙂

  28. THATS HYPOCRISY ..u know why?Seriously though, there is no direct indication of radiation, so what is there to clean up? Radiation is easy to detect.

  29. And he also said, “Do not abuse my Companions, for if any of you were to spend gold equal to (mountain of) Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that” [al-Bukharee, Muslim].I really, really, wish that critical thinking and the techniques of logical analysis was taught in school.

  30. i didn’t read all your answer but just read the few first line and got these questionsbut lets see:1) It’s a shia sourceThe most important one is to keep your books out of direct sunlight. Read through the website below – they have some good advice.

  31. So, you finally figured out that several atomic bombs were dropped on Fallujah? Now can you, please, tell us where Elvis lives these days?

  32. Take care not to make folds and protect fragile books by keeping it in a box customized to its dimensions .

  33. Remove the entrails from smaller game by splitting the body open and pulling them out with the fingers. Do not forget the chest cavity. For larger game, cut the gullet away from the diaphragm. Roll the entrails out of the body. Cut around the anus, then reach into the lower abdominal cavity, grasp the lower intestine, and pull to remove. Remove the urine bladder by pinching it off and cutting it below the fingers. If you spill urine on the meat, wash it to avoid tainting the meat. Save the heart and liver. Cut these open and inspect for signs of worms or other parasites. Also inspect the liver’s color; it could indicate a diseased animal. The liver’s surface should be smooth and wet and its color deep red or purple. If the liver appears diseased, discard it. However, a diseased liver does not indicate you cannot eat the muscle you even have ANY idea what so ever what Shias believe happened?and if u will say the past well theres this….WHOEVER….(all the ppl)

  34. Tell the nitwits Chris Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi that war is hell. Perhaps they hadn’t heard.

  35. _________________________

  36. and if this shiaa was really honest..2) Let us suppose for the sake of a hypothetical argument that this was true. Then in comparision with all other Sunnatul Jamah books, scholars, and ahadith, the overwhelming majority of which contradict your 11 lines of mere ‘evidence’. As such, just like in Islamic law, when an ahadith is contrary to the quran and the majority of the sunnah is rejected, so too will your reference be discareded.

  37. Your English is better than most of us . Why learn it?

  38. [DELDUP()]

  39. Drying Meat

  40. the U.S. didn’t use nukes in Iraq. If there is radiation there was there before the U.S. Any claims the people of Iraq have is with there own. Not the U.S.. The U.S. is not the money bank for the world. I find it amazing that people that don’t like the U.S. want the U.S. to solve their problems. And if we don’t solve it you blame the U.S. for even more things. I personally would like to see the U.S. pull out of everywhere and ONLY serve the needs of the U.S. people.

  41. just one question theres this hadith:did the prophet(alayhi salat wa salam, said this for the ppl in the past or for ppl who will come later??????

  42. bcz the family of this abou ja’far is shiaa so how could the shiaa understand what abou baker meant when in that time shiaa were against abou baker and all the sahaba?use the program skype and talk to ppl who speak english, play scrabble

  43. Do you know what four well-known Imaam of the fiqh said about you Raafidis ?

  44. High humidity promotes mold growth, cockle pages, and attract insects. Extremely low humidity can dry out leather bindings. Direct sun-light will fade leather and cloth.Keep books in closed glass cases away from brightly lit windows or damp exterior walls to minimize the amount of dust and grime that will accumulate.can you please show them to me?don’t worry. just hangout with english speakers, whether that is friends, neighbors… read lots of books (start from the easy ones, then to the more difficult ones) TV (the news with the caption on), be enrolled in ESL, is possible.

  45. BTW – up until the terrorists were chased out of Falluja the city had no working water purification plant. The got their drinking water from a river that was heavlly polluted with oilfield runoff and waste. Since this waste is known to produce the diseases you mention – wouldn’t it make sense to suspect that this is the cause?To start with, I was against the war. But, I do not recall an Atomic bomb being dropped there. How do we know what Hussein left there. He had a history of using some very bad and toxic chemicals. How do we know who is to blame for the cancer rates.

  46. im waiting for your answer please tell me what Shias believe happenedlol , You Raafidis will quote from deviant or fake Shaykhs and call them Sunni Aalim.I would just make jerky out of the meat.

  47. Cook large meat pieces over a spit or boil them. You can stew or boil smaller pieces, particularly those that remain attached to bone after the initial butchering, as soup or broth. You can cook body organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys using the same methods as for muscle meat. You can also cook and eat the brain. Cut the tongue out, skin it, boil it until tender, and eat it.i say u made a mistake by choosing shiaa….so how about becoming SUNNI???If she has an accident clean it up and forget about it. If she goes outside praise her and make her know how happy she is.i have to agree with some of the things you’re sayingUS Army field Manual on Survival Shows how to make a simple Smoke house. Simple as in like a fire pit & a simple indian tepee to hold the smoke. As for other methods? Packing in salt. Ala they do Salted Cod (Bakala), Brining/pickling is a option. In cold weather, you have snow & ice to keep stuff cold.

  48. would you like to see them?Like I have said many times yes we differ alot but where will pin pointing get you….? Nowhere only hatred and blackness in the Heart is what will appear.And he said, “Whoever abuses my Companions, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people” [Saheeh, At-Tabaranee].actually, didn’t you say that you have unasnwered questions?plz dont play these games with me..i hate games..just be direct with me.

  49. and many of them regard you Raafidis as disbelievers.

  50. but on the other hand i’ve lost count of the questions which have been asked by me and have been left with no logical answerShinto Belief System

  51. Shinto for dumbies ?-u shiaa say that all sahaba did kuffr, except some of them(weird! what made those few sahaba not kaffir while the others are as u claim kaffirs?) the sahaba that didnt do kuffr(like u say, —-bcz all the sahaba didnt do kuffr, just lies—-) were they also busy in maybe the same day that ali(ra) and banou hachem are busy too??Right after I became Muslim, I read a hadith that said that the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salaam said that if one makes salat like a Muslim, and eats halal like a Muslim, that one IS a muslim, so I do not say “They aren’t really Muslim” about Shia, or even Ahmahdiya. To me, the Ummah is a world-wide family, and like a family, we will not all always get along or agree on every issue, and without a Caliphate, it is even more difficult, but we should all remember that we are family, and that there are alot of people out there who want us all dead, Shia, Sunni, and any other Muslim, so we should not weaken ourselves by infighting, we only help the enemies of Allah subha’ana wa ta’ala when we do that.

  52. If a book will not lay flat, do not use force it to open further. The covers should always be supported when the book is open. Push the two adjoining books inward and remove the book by grasping the spine.

  53. To smoke meat, prepare an enclosure around a fire (Figure 8-27). Two ponchos snapped together will work. The fire does not need to be big or hot. The intent is to produce smoke, not heat. Do not use resinous wood in the fire because its smoke will ruin the meat. Use hardwoods to produce good smoke. The wood should be somewhat green. If it is too dry, soak it. Cut the meat into thin slices, no more than 6 centimeters thick, and drape them over a framework. Make sure none of the meat touches another piece. Keep the poncho enclosure around the meat to hold the smoke and keep a close watch on the fire. Do not let the fire get too hot. Meat smoked overnight in this manner will last about 1 week. Two days of continuous smoking will preserve the meat for 2 to 4 weeks. Properly smoked meat will look like a dark, curled, brittle stick and you can eat it without further cooking. You can also use a pit to smoke meat (Figure 8-28).Never yell or punish negative behaviour. Seek out good behaviour and reward it and ignore the bad.

  54. Potty training can take a while, especially with adult dogs. I would say to try to crate train her, but you mentioned she was kept in a cage, where she probably pooped and peed, so crate training is definately not the right route for her. keep her on a leash all the time, even in the house. wherever you go, she needs to go too, that way you can catch her in the act if she goes. If you do catch her in the act, firmly say “no” and bring her outside, or wherever you are wanting her to go. When she acts like she needs to go bring her outside and stay with her outside (even if you have a fence) when she goes in the appropriate spot give tons of praise and even treats. As long as you stick with it, she will catch on. Sometimes it can be inconvenient to have a dog tied to you all the time but it really does work. The main thing is you have to catch her in the act, if she has already went on the floor and you didnt catch her in the act, just clean it up, no sense in scolding her, she wont know why shes in trouble.

  55. Proper handling and storage in a stable, cool, clean, no direct sunlight,non-humid environment,can prolong book’s life.oh wait, he was busy with the funeral of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HF) while abu bakr and omar where arguing over powerDo you want me to post what our Scholars have said about you Raafidis ?seriously do u want me to believe this messed up hadith?

  56. Just talk and read, and live with it. Visit US and take one semester with high school kids

  57. I love both stores but I will have to say that Whole Foods gets and extra point for there sandwiches they are so good but Traders have reasonable prices

  58. wow [email protected] girlSmoking and salting would work. The water might be a little cooler and more consistent temperature than the air, but it is not cool enough to refrigerate it.

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